Introduction To Converser.

Introduction To Converser.

An introduction to Converser - a communications and CRM service for mobile applications. Find out more at


Barry Nolan

June 21, 2012


  1. 1 simplifying customer communications

  2. KNOW Insightful profiles of your customers & their likes

  3. CONVERSE In-App interactive customer messaging KNOW Insightful profiles of

    your customers & their likes
  4. CONVERSE In-App interactive customer messaging LEARN Analytics: customers &

    campaigns KNOW Insightful profiles of your customers & their likes
  5. Know: Customer Insight Socially Aware: Curate customer profiles: name, age,

    location, gender, social ‘klout’.
  6. Know: Customer Insight Self Learning: Learn customer ‘likes’ automatically from

    app usage and in-app communications.
  7. Converse: Two-way, In-App Appify any customer comms in minutes, without

    code Push notifications Smart inbox Two-way customer interaction.
  8. anything you want to say, ask or send, you

  9. Learn: Customers & Campaigns Converser compiles and analyzes your results.

    Know how well each campaign works. Understand who and what, drives the highest ROI. Analytics automatically capture and analyze the data. Learns customers likes and preferences
  10. Making Conversation Easy No coding: A simple, beautiful, intuitive console

    to make conversation. Simply edit and see exactly how it appears in-app.
  11. Track metrics that matter Who are your most active customers?

    What’s the profile of my app? Who signed up this week? Any issues in your app? How are your campaigns converting?
  12. use cases

  13. Push Notifications With a 95%+ read rate, alert your customers

    even when your app is off on their phone. Push to Inbox So your customers never miss your message. Or set messages (e.g. offers) to expire on a date. Push to Inbox
  14. Rich Video Messaging Deliver captivating experiences through video embedded in

    your messages. Multimedia messaging (ads, video’s, tutorials) have the highest dwell time . Simple to attach and send. Rich Video Messaging
  15. Things to Say? Simple messages that update customers. Analytics track

    engagement. Or real time urgent announcements. Things to Send? Send tickets, passes, coupons or offers. Audience Targeting Send to everyone or qualify your audience: “Women in San Francisco who like spa treatments” Something to say or send?
  16. Simple, stunning visuals Sometimes the less you say, the better.

    Beautiful full pages visuals. Perfect to show a catalogue of new arrivals. Simple and beautiful
  17. -Tap to Call, Like, Share When you make it this

    easy for customers to interact...they interact! Make it easy for customers: “Want to get in touch?” - one-tap to call (or let them choose a better time for you to call them) “Want to book now?” - one-tap in-app links One-Tap Interaction
  18. Private Feedback In-App Easily offer support for your customers -

    in the privacy of your app. Get feedback and respond. Uncover issues, get insights, cutoff negative reviews, enhance app store ranking. See how your app is rating over time. Smart tagging turns feedback into roadmaps. In-App Feedback
  19. Chat In-App Why talk, when you can chat? Its five

    times more efficient than voice calls, and customers generally prefer it. Great when responding to feedback. Great as an in-app concierge. Your conversations are private, not public. Chat In-App
  20. In-App Surveys Simple, tappable surveys. Easy to create - simple

    for customers to complete. Create single-choice, multi- choice, and freeform surveys for customer satisfaction, insights, and better decision making. Converser compiles all the results. Or use results to qualify customers into cohorts: Q: “Do you like cats?” A: “Yes” Qualify Audience: “Likes Cats” Simple, Powerful Surveys
  21. Mobile Friendly Forms Be it a contact form, lead generation,

    survey, comments, or competitions, forms capture the data you need. Easy for you No matter the form you create, we compile the data to view or export. Easy for customers Email entry - we present the email keyboard Phone entry - we present the phone keyboard Text entry - we present the text keyboard Multiple choice - tap & go Simple, Smart Forms
  22. Net Promoter Score Gauge the loyalty of your customer relationships.

    Do you have 'promoters' meaning an efficient growth engine? Or 'detractors' dragging reputation apart? NPS takes two minutes to create and deliver. We keep track of responses, measure and visualize your performance. Net Promoter Score
  23. Social Amplification Amplify your message. Create persistent social connections. With

    a tap, make it easy for customers to like on facebook, and follow on twitter. Even launch app-to-app connections. Social Amplification
  24. Automated Messaging Create and send messages on events. Send a

    tour of your app features to all new subscribers. Let the conversation flow over multiple screens. Automated Messaging
  25. 25 simplifying customer communications