Speaker Deck

The Role of the UI Developer

by Chris Basham

Published November 11, 2014 in Design

Presented at Kuali Days 2014 with Tara Bazler.

The challenges of developing the front-end of web applications has increased dramatically. Working within this space requires a dedicated front-end user interface (UI) developer with skills specific to this domain. In addition to building the "look and feel" of an application, UI developers must solve problems in uncontrollable browser environments and user contexts; implement the interactive, aesthetic, and experiential vision of UX designers while considering performance implications; and bridge the communication between back-end services and the UI.

To better handle the intricacies of developing modern web services, Kuali Student has integrated UI developers into all product streams. We will highlight the importance of this role and the skillsets they contribute to the team. We will also discuss the increasing complexity of modern and future front-end interfaces and user expectations. Finally, we will outline an ideal modern UI dev workflow and the plethora of tools available.