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Desktop prototyping with JavaScript

Desktop prototyping with JavaScript

Chris Basham

June 15, 2011

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  1. Desktop prototyping with JavaScript Chris Basham @chrisbasham http://bash.am

  2. Designer Prototyper Developer Runner I’m four things

  3. None
  4. Blooming Fools Hash House Harriers Non-competitive social runners

  5. “Drinking club with a running problem Hashing self-described as

  6. None
  7. Initial check-in Photo by BFH3

  8. Chalk talk Photo by BFH3

  9. Hare’s arrow Photo by BFH3

  10. Forest shiggy Photo by BFH3

  11. Briar shiggy Photo by BFH3

  12. Check Photo by BFH3

  13. Bad trail Photo by BFH3

  14. Beer check Photo by BFH3

  15. Field shiggy Photo by BFH3

  16. Urban shiggy Photo by BFH3

  17. On-In Photo by BFH3

  18. Photo by BFH3 Places hashed

  19. Photo by BFH3 Nov 13 hash

  20. Untouched Private Panther Named

  21. Attendance doubled in 6-months Finding

  22. Murphy’s law Finding

  23. Who’s lost on trail? Problem

  24. Paper sign-in Photo by BFH3

  25. Expense Constraint

  26. Portable, durable, & replaceable Constraint

  27. No tech on trail Constraint

  28. Photo by BFH3 iPad app

  29. RFID key fob Photo by John Wayne Hill

  30. RFID USB Reader sparkfun.com/products/9963

  31. ID-20 sparkfun.com/products/8628

  32. Reader enclosure Photo by John Wayne Hill

  33. Photo by BFH3 System

  34. Photo by BFH3 God’s gift to nerds nodejs.org

  35. Photo by BFH3 http://nodejs.org/docs/v0.4.8/api/fs.html#fs.ReadStream

  36. Photo by BFH3 Proof of concept twitter.com/#!/chrisbasham/status/32538396593233921

  37. Photo by BFH3 HTTP server expressjs.com

  38. Photo by BFH3 Realtime communication socket.io

  39. UI Photo by John Wayne Hill

  40. Check-in Photo by John Wayne Hill

  41. Photo by BFH3 Node-SerialPort github.com/voodootikigod/node-serialport

  42. Photo by BFH3 Node-Arduino github.com/voodootikigod/node-arduino

  43. Desktop prototyping with JavaScript Chris Basham @chrisbasham http://bash.am