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Let's Get Creative - SMX Munich 2022

Let's Get Creative - SMX Munich 2022

Peak Aces very own Charlie Byrne (@charlieebyrne) on how to "Capture and Incorporate the Customer Voice in your Ad Copy" at SMX Munich 2022.

Bastian Grimm

November 07, 2022

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  1. Let's Get Creative Capturing and Incorporating the Customer Voice in

    your Ad Copy Charlie Byrne, Peak Ace AG | @charlieebyrne
  2. pa.ag @peakaceag Responsibilities In search marketing since Experience Languages Fun

    Fact 2 Charlie Byrne PPC Key Account Manager Account management for the largest clients in Peak Ace's Performance Advertising team. 2018 2.5 years at an award-winning digital marketing agency in the UK 1 year at Peak Ace, performance marketing based in Berlin English, German I once broke a world record, as part of the longest conga on ice /charlotte-byrne/ charlieebyrne [email protected]
  3. Agenda 01 What is the 'voice of the customer'? 02

    How can you capture the VOC? 03 How can you incorporate VOC into your ad copy? 04 VOC: A client case study 05 What else should you consider?
  4. pa.ag @peakaceag 5 Voice of the customer (VOC): refers to

    what customers are saying about a business, product, or service. It is a term that describes your customer's feedback on their experiences with (and expectations of) your products or services. Source: www.qualtrics.com/uk/experience-management/customer/voice-of-customer/
  5. pa.ag 7 Customer interviews In-person surveys Customer service teams Offline

    Methods Offline methods to capture the voice of your customer
  6. pa.ag 8 Customer reviews Either on-site or across 3rd party

    review platforms Search query reports Use of 3rd party tools or scripts to identify common terms & themes Social media and social listening Website & CRM data Use GA & form submission data Online Methods Online methods to capture the voice of your customer You can also analyse competitor reviews & social media presence
  7. pa.ag @peakaceag 9 Customer reviews A data-driven method for effective

    analysis Step 1: Export customer reviews as a text file from your (client's) website or 3rd party review platform Step 3: Add frequently mentioned benefits into your ad copy (or address frequently raised problems) Step 2: Run your text through a text analyser tool. This will highlight the most frequently used words/phrases in the data set
  8. pa.ag @peakaceag 10 Social media And social listening tools ▪

    Observe the VOC across multiple platforms ▪ Certain platforms may be more appropriate depending on your brand/product/service ▪ Different platforms have different user demographics; therefore, VOC is also likely to differ between platforms ▪ Social listening tools: e.g, BuzzSumo Hootsuite, Sprout Social
  9. pa.ag @peakaceag 11 Search query reports Reviewing SQRs should be

    a regular part of ad account health checks ▪ Depending on the size of the account, this can be done manually ▪ For larger or more complex accounts, utilise 3rd party scripts or tools ▪ Pay particular attention to high impression, low CTR terms
  10. pa.ag @peakaceag 12 Website & CRM Data Use Google Analytics

    to discover what's important to your customers Source: Google Analytics ▪ Behavior flow informs you what pages users navigate to from your landing pages ▪ All Pages report shows where users spend the most time ▪ This could help inform the USPs that you highlight in your ad copy ▪ Exit Pages report shows where most users leave the site ▪ This could provide insights into how you can better manage expectations at the ad level, prior to paying for the click
  11. pa.ag @peakaceag 14 Structure your ad groups for success Recommended

    ad group set up ▪ ETAs will be phased out at the end of June ▪ Existing best practice: ▪ 1 x RSA ▪ 2 - 4 x ETAs ▪ Future-proof your account: ▪ 1 - 3 x themed RSAs ▪ 2 x high-quality, evergreen ETAs ▪ Review ad extensions too, especially: ▪ Callouts ▪ Structured snippets Campaign RSA ETA ETA Ad Group
  12. pa.ag @peakaceag 15 Capture both sentiment and language What do

    your customers say and how do they say it? ▪ Sentiment: ▪ Expectations ▪ Preferences ▪ Aversions ▪ Experiences ▪ Etc. ▪ Language: ▪ Incorporate the exact words and phrases that your customers use ▪ Example: When advertising fitness equipment, we changed 'durable' to 'sturdy' and/or 'solid’ after analysing reviews
  13. pa.ag @peakaceag 16 Consider the user journey and different audiences

    The user journey funnel explained ▪ Customers will have different considerations, depending on their stage in the user journey ▪ Many brands also have products or services that have different target audiences ▪ Consider this when analysing reviews, SQRs, social media, etc. ▪ To target various audiences with bespoke messaging, make use of: ▪ IF function ads ▪ Dedicated RLSA campaigns ▪ Ad groups segmented by audience (within Display and YouTube campaigns) Reach Creating brand awareness Engage Induce buying decision Activate Generating traffic, conversions & leads Nurture Strengthen customer loyalty
  14. pa.ag @peakaceag 18 A creative approach to ad copy for

    a SAAS client Our success was driven by unique value propositions & incorporating user feedback Sources: SEMrush.com; Confidential Information ▪ Our client needed an edge; something to set them apart from the competition ▪ Most competitors claimed to offer the "optimal solution" to improve recruiting ▪ We decided to focus on how our client's software was specifically "fast" and "easy to use" as this was what customers were most interested in
  15. pa.ag @peakaceag 19 Step 1. Listening to happy customers We

    leveraged their positive feedback on the software's speed and flexibility Sources: Google Ads interface
  16. pa.ag 20 Step 2. Creating trust We tested different trust

    signals Source: Google Ads interface
  17. pa.ag 21 Step 3. Regional approach Dynamic keyword insertion was

    used for regional targeting and flexible ads Sources: Google Ads interface
  18. pa.ag @peakaceag 22 Monitoring impact with A/B tests To get

    the most detailed insights possible, we segmented them by campaign category Competitors Brand Sources: Google Ads Interface, Tests
  19. pa.ag @peakaceag 24 Don't forget other ad copy best practices

    VOC should not be your sole strategy ▪ Use compelling CTAs ▪ Reflect your most important keywords in your ads ▪ Incorporate location insertions & ad customisers ▪ Ensure full ad extension coverage ▪ Update ads regularly with respect to: ▪ Seasonality ▪ Trends ▪ Political and socio-economic climate
  20. pa.ag @peakaceag 25 Ads don't exist in a vacuum Remain

    mindful of brand constraints and other marketing channels ▪ Adhere to brand tone of voice guidelines ▪ Review content & copy: ▪ On the website and landing pages ▪ Across other marketing channels
  21. pa.ag @peakaceag 26 Key takeaways What steps should you take

    to effectively implement VOC across your ad copy? 1. Utilise both online & offline sources to discover what customers think of your brand 2. Future-proof your ad group set up with a combination of RSAs and ETAs 3. Capture both the sentiment and the language of your customers 4. Test different VOC messaging for different products, audiences and user journey stages 5. Remain mindful of ad copy best practices, other marketing channels and the current climate
  22. Care for the slides? Any questions? [email protected] Take your career

    to the next level: jobs.pa.ag www.pa.ag twitter.com/peakaceag facebook.com/peakaceag https://pa.ag/smxm22 Charlie Byrne [email protected]