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Digital Public Services 2015

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
November 13, 2015

Digital Public Services 2015


Ben Holliday

November 13, 2015


  1. @benholliday Digital Public Services Delivering User Experience for government services

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  5. @benholliday User experience is 
 everyone’s job

  6. @benholliday To deliver a great user experience… we need to

    get the design right we need to get the strategy right we need to get the organisation right
  7. @benholliday DWP DIGITAL ACADEMY

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  10. @benholliday How we talk about service design is important

  11. @benholliday designnotes.blog.gov.uk/good-services-are-verbs

  12. @benholliday To a user, a service is simple. It’s something

    that helps them to do something Louise Downe (GDS)
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  14. @benholliday …a lot of what we seem to be doing

    is getting design out of the way Jonny Ive (Apple)
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  16. @benholliday If you solve a real problem, people will choose

    to use your service
  17. @benholliday 1. Why are we doing this work? 2. Who

    are our users? 3. What outcome will users get from this service? 4. What outcome are we looking for? 5. What are our key metrics? benholliday.com/frame-the-problem
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  19. @benholliday Policy and digital should not be separate things

  20. @benholliday A policy is not words in 
 a Whitehall

    paper. It’s the real- world experience people have of resulting services, and what they then do Tom Loosemore (ex-GDS)
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  24. @benholliday Start with user needs Start with people

  25. @benholliday Successful products come from countless small acts of failure

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  27. @benholliday 1. Get the organisation right. 2. Think about services

    as verbs – 
 what they do for people. 3. Don’t treat digital and policy as separate things. 4. Learn to iterate, then iterate again. Delivering User Experience for government services
  28. @benholliday ben.holliday@dwp.gsi.gov.uk benholliday.com @benholliday dwpdigital.blog.gov.uk @digitaldwp