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Leeds GovJam 2015

Leeds GovJam 2015

Short talk from the launch night of Leeds GovJam 2015 #GGovJam


Ben Holliday

June 09, 2015


  1. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 Ben Holliday Head of User Experience

    Department for Work & Pensions @digitaldwp
  2. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015

  3. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 DWP DIGITAL ACADEMY

  4. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 DWP DIGITAL ACADEMY

  5. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015

  6. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 gov.uk/carers-allowance

  7. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015

  8. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 UX or user-centred design isn’t about

    how things look. It’s about how well services work for the people that need to use them.
  9. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 The best way to learn service

    design is doing service design. Everyone gets to be a designer this week. Your job is to make things work better.
  10. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 Design principles Government Digital Service 1

    User needs, not government needs 2 Do less 3 Design with data 4 Do the hard work to make it simple 5 Iterate. Then iterate again 6 This is for everyone 7 The unit of delivery is the team 8 Build things people can build on 9 Be consistent not uniform 10 Make things open, it makes them better www.gov.uk/designprinciples 04.2014 GOVERNMENT NEEDS USER NEEDS
  11. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 benholliday.com/not-scared “We’re going on a bear

    hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We’re 
 not scared”
  12. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015

  13. @benholliday Leeds GovJam 2015 Work with us on services that

    make a difference to millions of people @digitaldwpjobs