Undercover UX

93198dcb31b3ecf6d9afcfb34727a059?s=47 Ben Peck
November 02, 2013

Undercover UX

Often designers are leaned heavily upon for the "success" of the business since they are at the front lines when communicating with web users but are not involved on the front lines of the "business". When a user does or doesn't do what the business intended, it often times is reflected on the way it was "designed". We designers spend our time undercover until a piece of work is set into the wild. Most of that time we spend worrying about the way it looks and not enough about the way its used (or could be used). If we're expected to be a part of driving the success and not just aesthetics we need to spend less time trying to BE RIGHT and more time GETTING IT RIGHT. That requires us to spend less time undercover. We'll discuss ways designers can get involved earlier in the business decision process to allow them to have a good balance between business and user needs to foster more delightful experiences for all.


Ben Peck

November 02, 2013