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An introduction to voice design - UX Scotland

June 07, 2017

An introduction to voice design - UX Scotland

A new frontier is opening up in UX design: voice! Products like Amazon's Echo and Google Home offer designers a new place to play, and new skills to learn. In this 90-minute workshop, learn about the design process, get busy crafting dialogue, and learn some fundamental principles. You'll see just how different the design methods are, and what the 'Wizard of Oz' testing method is. Come find your inner bot!


June 07, 2017

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  1. ARISTOTLE There is only one condition in which we can

    imagine managers not needing subordinates, and masters not needing slaves. This condition would be that each instrument could do its own work, at the word of command or by intelligent anticipation. @bensauer
  2. • Limited shared vocabulary • Poor skills / co-ordination •

    No capacity to learn • Never sure job will get done • Turns you into the a$$h0le Using VUI is a bit like 
 dealing with Manuel…
  3. ACTIVITY Create a voice interface for a person attending the

    first day of UX Scotland. 
 See page 2 of the handout.
  4. ACTIVITY On page 3, map what they might do that

    day, and where a voice interface could help.
  5. @bensauer 1. DEFINE YOUR PERSONA • Who is your system?

    • What’s the personality, the brand? • What are their characteristics or attributes? • What’s the tone of voice? • What would it say, or not say? 0. CONTEXT
  6. @bensauer 2. WRITE SAMPLE DIALOGUE • What’s the scenario? •

    How would you improvise it? • What’s the expected exchange? • How does the system respond? • What’s too much, or too little? 0. CONTEXT 1. PERSONA
  7. ACTIVITY In the first column on page 5, write down

    some ideas about what your user might say first.
  8. “When is the next train to London Victoria?” Too detailed:

 The next train from Brighton station to London Victoria station leaves in twenty minutes, at twenty past ten. It has no first class service and divides at Haywards Heath. It arrives at London Victoria at ten past eleven.
  9. “When is the next train to London Victoria?” Just right:

 The next train from Brighton to London Victoria leaves in 20 minutes.
  10. ACTIVITY In the second column, write down some ideas about

    how the system should respond, and how the dialogue might continue.
  11. @bensauer 3. WIZARD OF OZ TESTING • Can they use

    it? • Do they understand it? • What synonyms do they use? • Do they hesitate? 0. CONTEXT 2. SAMPLE DIALOGUE 1. PERSONA

    • Write sample dialogue • Load it into a plain text file • Offer some participants pizza • Run a test using ‘Say Wizard’ 
 on a mac https://chatbotsmagazine.com/stfu-test-your-voice-app-idea-in-less-than-an- hour-2638cdff2503
  13. ACTIVITY Find a partner. 
 Read them your brief out

    loud, and find out what they’d say to your voice interface.
  14. ACTIVITY Look at your answers on page 5. Did what

    your partner say match you wrote?
  15. @bensauer 4. DIALOGUE FLOW • What are the user journeys?

    • What are the entry points? • What are the system states? • What happens if the input is unexpected? 0. CONTEXT 2. SAMPLE DIALOGUE 3. TESTING 1. PERSONA
  16. @bensauer 0. CONTEXT 2. SAMPLE DIALOGUE 3. TESTING 4. FLOW

    1. PERSONA 5. BUILD AND TEST • What is the complete dialogue? • How can you avoid dialogue repetition? • What’s the error rate at scale?
  17. Find out the things they need 
 in the things

    they say. WHAT 
  18. Pair Bluetooth!!!! @bensauer GLASWEGIAN USER FOR THE 3RD TIME: I’m

    really sorry, I still don’t understand. Can I suggest using the Alexa app instead? ALEXA:
  19. Did you mean Odeon, Brighton? @bensauer SYSTEM HAS 50% CONFIDENCE:

    When would you like to go to 
 the Odeon Brighton? IMPLICIT: <Lights switch on> NONE:
  20. RESOURCES • Cathy Pearl’s VUI book • Wizard of Oz

 https://chatbotsmagazine.com/stfu-test- your-voice-app-idea-in-less-than-an- hour-2638cdff2503 • Say Wizard:
  21. MARC WEISER “The most profound technologies are those that disappear.

    They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” @bensauer