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Come dialogue with me: Elmann Wall Summit 2017

October 06, 2017

Come dialogue with me: Elmann Wall Summit 2017

The future of voice interfaces, and what it might mean for the travel industry.


October 06, 2017

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  1. ARISTOTLE There is only one condition in which we can

    imagine managers not needing subordinates, and masters not needing slaves. This condition would be that each instrument could do its own work, at the word of command or by intelligent anticipation. @bensauer
  2. What if computers could work the way we do, instead

    of us having to work the way they do? @bensauer
  3. • Limited shared vocabulary • Never sure job will get

    done • Doesn’t seem to learn • Turns you into the a$$h0le Using a voice assistant is like dealing with Manuel… @bensauer
  4. AI & Deep Learning Training Input 
 (1000s of images)

    Neural Network 
 (artificial neurons) Output 
 (classification) “Pedestrian”
  5. “Alexa, add lego nunchucks 
 to the shopping list.” •

    handsfree context • noise filtering + recognition • focussed feature set • interruptible
  6. ELLIE, 7 "Speaking to Alexa's a bit like a Jedi

    Mind Trick, isn't it Daddy? 
 Tell her what to do, she repeats it, then does it." @bensauer
  7. @bensauer AMAZON’S GROWTH STRATEGY • TVs (Westinghouse, Element, Seiki) •

    Fridges (LG) • Home robots (LG) • Wifi speakers (Lenovo) • Kid’s speaker (Mattel) • Lamps (GE) @bensauer • Alarm clocks • Cars (Ford, VW) • Charging docks • Watches • Cameras • Smartphones (Huawei)
  8. 1. “Hey Google, who is the president?”
 2. “Hey

    Google, when was he born?” @bensauer
  9. UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING “Invisible, everywhere computing that does not live on

    a personal device of any sort, but is in the woodwork everywhere.”
  10. Bouncer Assistant Gopher Secretary THE ROLES OF A VOICE ASSISTANT

    Stephen Gay & Susan Hura @bensauer Where  we  *really*  
 are  right  now

    E R I N G B A S I C Q U E S T I O N S C O M P L E X 
 N E E D S 80% 20%

    Checking & Changing | Preparing Airport & Flight | Arrivals | Accomodation | Holiday Last day | Going Home | Post- holiday USEFUL FOR… Searching, fact- checking, basic booking Basic phone service, live reporting, ‘gopher’ tasks Wayfinding, last minute planning, translation, concierge, room control live reporting (weather, transport etc), last-mile travel NOT USEFUL FOR… Marketing, comparing, complex booking, curation Booking assistance Curation / advice VOICE ASSISTANTS IN THE TRAVEL CUSTOMER JOURNEY
  13. Change is the only constant. It’s neither good nor bad,

    usually somewhere in the middle. It’s already here, it’s just unevenly distributed. Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy. Do the hard work to make it simple. User needs over organisational needs. Avoid ‘death by a thousand cuts’. Design for extremes. PRINCIPLES FOR COPING WITH THE FUTURE
  14. MARC WEISER “The most profound technologies are those that disappear.

    They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” @bensauer