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Designing your first voice interface (workshop)

June 09, 2017

Designing your first voice interface (workshop)

Learn about the voice design process, get busy crafting dialogue, learn some fundamental principles, design and test and voice interface in a team. You'll see just how different the design methods are, and what the 'Wizard of Oz' testing method is. Come find your inner bot!


June 09, 2017

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  1. Organise
 into teams of 4 *each team needs a MacBook

    *your packet has more instructions
  2. “When is the next train to London Victoria?” Too detailed:

 The next train from Brighton station to London Victoria station leaves in twenty minutes, at twenty past ten. It has no first class service and divides at Haywards Heath. It arrives at London Victoria at ten past eleven.
  3. “When is the next train to London Victoria?” Just right:

 The next train from Brighton to London Victoria leaves in 20 minutes.
  4. ARISTOTLE There is only one condition in which we can

    imagine managers not needing subordinates, and masters not needing slaves. This condition would be that each instrument could do its own work, at the word of command or by intelligent anticipation. @bensauer
  5. VUI = Voice User Interface ASR = Automatic Speech Recognition

    NLU = Natural Language Understanding @bensauer humans  and   machines  talking turning  speech   into  words turning  words   into  meaning
  6. • Limited shared vocabulary • Poor skills / co-ordination •

    No capacity to learn • Never sure job will get done • Turns you into the a$$h0le Using VUI is a bit like dealing with Manuel…
  7. The price of a multifunctional touchscreen 
 is the volume

    of required input. VUI is an efficient shortcut. @bensauer
  8. The short-term promise of VUI is to simplify complex interactions

    into directly expressed goals, without the distraction of a screen. @bensauer
  9. @bensauer AMAZON’S PLAY FOR UBICOMP • TVs (Westinghouse, Element, Seiki)

    • Fridges (LG) • Home robots (LG) • Wifi speakers (Lenovo) • Kid’s speaker (Mattel) • Lamps (GE) @bensauer • Alarm clocks • Cars (Ford, VW) • Charging docks • Watches • Cameras • Smartphones (Huawei)
  10. Step #2
 Write down activities you do most weeks One

    activity per post it Swimming Cooking Drive  to  work Take  kids  to   school
  11. Step #3
 Map your week as a group Commute Work

    Lunch Gym MONDAY Commute W TUESDAY
  12. Step 4: Write down questions or tasks that a voice

    interface could help with Drive  to  work Check   traffic Shopping Find  shelf   location Getting   dressed Check   weather Dinner Ordering   takeout
  13. Dinner Ordering   takeout Step 5: Vote for your favourites

    Drive  to  work Check   traffic Shopping Find  shelf   location Getting   dressed Check   weather ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  14. Step #7 Empathise Feeling  tired Hands  dirty Kids   screaming

    Make   healthy,  easy,   tasty  food Cooking   dinner
  15. Step #1
 Open a google doc Give it the following

    section headings: •Test Brief •Opening questions •Sample dialogue (1,2,3,4)
  16. Step #3
 Write a first sentence “Alexa,  find  me  a

     steak   restaurant  in  Gdansk.”
  17. Step #1
 Choose roles • A user • The voice

    interface • One or two transcribers
  18. Step #2
 Identify patterns The  user  starts   the  recording

      defining  the   duration The  user  starts   the  recording   *without*  defining  a   duration The  user  stops  the   recording The  user  plays   back  the  meeting Example: Recording meetings
  19. Step #3
 Setup ‘Say Wizard’ see handout page 8 tip:

    make text bigger with 
 Shift cmd +
  20. Pair Bluetooth!!!! @bensauer HEAVILY ACCENTED USER FOR THE 3RD TIME:

    I’m really sorry, I still don’t understand. Can I suggest using the Alexa app instead? ALEXA:
  21. Did you mean Odeon, Brighton? @bensauer SYSTEM HAS 50% CONFIDENCE:

    When would you like to go to 
 the Odeon Brighton? IMPLICIT: <Lights switch on> NONE:
  22. RESOURCES • Cathy Pearl’s VUI book • Wizard of Oz

 https://chatbotsmagazine.com/stfu-test-your- voice-app-idea-in-less-than-an- hour-2638cdff2503 • Say Wizard:
  23. MARC WEISER “The most profound technologies are those that disappear.

    They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” @bensauer
  24. Give me feedback As a team, write two words on

    post- its that describe your workshop experience today and leave them behind on your table.