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Finding your use case for voice UI

June 21, 2018

Finding your use case for voice UI

The most common question I get when I give training in voice UI is 'what use case should we design for?'

Here's a few tools to help.


June 21, 2018

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  1. Research 
 problem space Define the

    Design multiple solutions Prototype one 
  2. In the kitchen, getting ready to go to work Driving

    to a friend’s house C ON TEXT F ood Appointments S UB JE CT Alexa, what ingredients should I buy for dinner later? TASK Alexa, what’s happening next weekend? Alexa, Is my dry cleaning ready for pickup? USE-CASE IDEA WORKSHOP @bensauer Swap these around to generate ideas
  3. @bensauer CHERYL PLATZ: SCENARIO BUILDING • Input methods (non-voice) •

    Environment • Multi-user situations @bensauer • Multitasking • LED / screen behaviours • Interrupted use Consider the following:
  4. @bensauer CONTEXT QUESTIONS • What is the context of use?

    • Where is the user? • What's happening around them? • Are they doing something else? W HER E • What time of day is it? • Are they in a hurry? • How much time will the interaction need? • How often will they use it? W HEN • Are they with other people? • Is it noisy? • Is what they're trying to do private? • What are the social expectations in this context? W HO • What devices do they have? • What else are they using? • How might modes work together? • What’s free? (Hands, eyes, mouth, ears) W HAT • Will they know they can use voice? How? • Will they have to remember how to use it? • Will they trust it? • How do they do it now? Is voice better? • Is a different mode a better choice? • How does voice make them the hero? W H Y
  5. @bensauer WEBCREDIBLE CHECKLIST @bensauer 7 Regardless of the importance to

    your business, not all use cases will be equally suited to voice. Use the following checklist to help you decide: How do I put voice to good use? Can a voice interaction be faster than taking out your phone or laptop? Is it easier than tapping, typing or going through multiple steps? Is there a potential for fun, delight or expressing your brand’s personality? Is it conducive to multi-tasking, where people might not give the task 100% of their attention? Is it a use case that will be initiated by customers, instead of you reaching out to them? Is it appropriate for voice and for a shared home device? Will people feel comfortable talking aloud about it? Does it have a name that people can remember (and you can promote)? Is interaction frequent enough to warrant people installing something on their voice device? Is your content structured and accessible through an API? webcredible.com/reports
  6. I’m @bensauer. “AUDIENCE. thanks for listening. 
 I’m available for

    consulting and training!” Read more of my nonsense at: https://bensauer.net