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Our new DevRel: Invention of scaling out partner ecosystem

November 14, 2020

Our new DevRel: Invention of scaling out partner ecosystem


November 14, 2020

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  2. Shopify and its ecosystem 01 Contents 3 Our first success

    and failure 02 What we changed and happened 03 Key factors of success “we did” 04 The future of DevRel “I think” 05
  3. Shopify is a leading multi-channel commerce platform. 2006 Platform Released

    $2,080M Revenue (Last 12 months) 5,300 Apps in our App Store ~$200B Total Sales on Shopify by Merchants (Cumulative) 2.9 million Merchant Staff Accounts (December 31, 2019) +1M Merchants — in — ~175 Countries 5,000+ Employees At a Glance 37,400 Partners who have referred at least one merchant to Shopify in the last 12 months $180M Paid out in 2019 to partners by Shopify for apps and services benefiting our merchants (June 30, 2020) (June 30, 2020) (June 30, 2020)
  4. Rest of the World 15% Revenue 29% Merchants * Revenue

    and merchants as at December 31, 2019 Canada 6% Revenue 6% Merchants USA 68% Revenue 52% Merchants Australia 4% Revenue 6% Merchants UK 7% Revenue 7% Merchants We are growing globally
  5. 9

  6. Extensive Partner Ecosystem 5,300 10 Apps extending product capabilities Referred

    at least one merchant to Shopify in the last 12 months 37,400 Apps Agencies & Web Designers
  7. 13

  8. • Awareness of our app ecosystem in the audience •

    Scaling up the communication of the audience • Qualitative measurement of our activity with emotional feedback Success and failure 16 What did we succeed in?
  9. • Converting to real app developers from the audience •

    Scaling out the number of the audience • Quantitative measurement of our activity with data tracking Success and failure 17 What did we fail in?
  10. 21 What we changed We started to think backward Goal

    (why) Start (what) 2020 backward 2019 forward The diagram sourced by: sproutsocial https://sproutsocial.com/glossary/marketing-funnel/
  11. What we changed CHECK ITEM BEFORE (2019) AFTER (2020) FOR?

    Place (where) Offline Online (*) Scalability Audience (who) Everyone Selected Conversion Goal (why) Knowledge Education Conversion Contents (what) Deck Blog/Video Scalability Style (how) Workshop Program Conversion Measurement (which) # of feedbacks/shares # of shops/apps Being Quantitative 22 How do we make a growth? * We decided this before COVID-19
  12. 24

  13. 27 Succeeded Succeeded What happened Data tracking The diagram sourced

    by: sproutsocial https://sproutsocial.com/glossary/marketing-funnel/
  14. 29

  15. 31 • Focus on making the audience real working partners

    with the right skills to develop apps and support their clients • We can engage developers with no pizza, beers, or too much jokes! 01 Shift to “educational trainers” from “funny icons”
  16. 32 • Tell the developers where the working documents exist

    for checking by themselves later • Letting developers understand why your product chose that tech. stack is very important 02 Do not give the answers only but the way of solving * The way of learning page in Boot Camp Video tutorial
  17. 33 • Using your public contents like blogs/videos as textbooks

    for the audience brings more PVs to bring more audience through them • Think and connect all of your outputs cyclic 03 Leverage funnels of contents and people
  18. 34 • Do not pursue all people, but those who

    really want to learn your product with the account created in advance • This helps two things: one is eliminating less motivated people and another is enabling tracking the audience activities after the event 04 Limit the audience to the account holders with passion * The LP limits the registration to those who really want to learn Shopify, and its form has Patrtner ID mandatory for their activity check
  19. 37 … should be going to be more skill/layer oriented

    and analysis role 37 Source: sproutsocial https://sproutsocial.com/glossary/marketing-funnel/
  20. 38 DevRel is not an only event hoster or contents

    writer but a key driver for business success with multiple skills out of coding ...