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Hawaii Futurist Summit: Social Influence

36c461a3494b10de234311b2e7650204?s=47 Rob Bertholf
October 05, 2012

Hawaii Futurist Summit: Social Influence

2012 Hawaii Futurist Summit


Rob Bertholf

October 05, 2012


  1. Impacting the Infinite Economy @Rob Bertholf Social Influence

  2. What has Social Influence looked like? Who have we trusted,

    how have we made decisions?
  3. Migration Online CB Radio, BBS, IRC, Digital Reality/Gaming, Social Media

  4. Digital Social Credibility

  5. Early Social Media Influence Metrics

  6. Online Influence Rejoins Offline

  7. Social Rewards

  8. Social Currency

  9. Augmented Reality

  10. Geolocation Prediction

  11. Content Results

  12. Unique Global ID

  13. Post Digital Age Less Visible Technology

  14. Impact on Hawaii

  15. Mahalo Rob Bertholf @Rob Rob@Bertholf.com