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One WordPress Site. Double the Flexibility Hold the Maintenance

One WordPress Site. Double the Flexibility Hold the Maintenance

Patrick Rauland

March 03, 2015

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  1. “Can you please add this Facebook Ad conversion pixel to

    my site?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  2. “Can you please delete this page and remove all links

    to it?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  3. “Can you please check to see if there are any

    comments that need to be moderated?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  4. “Can you please add this image to my sidebar and

    link it to this page?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  5. “Can you please make sure the contact form always CC's

    this person?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  6. “Can you please turn this old raw HTML content into

    a custom post type on my main site?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick
  7. “Can you please customize the search so it works better

    for selecting a donation package?” Patrick Rauland - @BFTrick