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Effective One on Ones

Effective One on Ones

This desk is part of the attendee preparation for our workshop Leading Engineering Teams For New Managers.

It's the context for Day 3: Effective One on Ones. For the video and transcript to go with these slides, check out its resources page on our site.


June 14, 2021

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  1. Goals • Learn each other • Build trust • Gain

    shared context • Plan and support career growth • Solve problems Blackmill 2
  2. Styles • To-do list meeting • The catch-up • The

    feedback and coaching meeting • The progress report • Getting to know you Blackmill 3
  3. Make 1:1’s sacred time Good time for: • Coaching •

    Give and receive feedback • Prioritise and align with company's vision, mission, and objectives • 1:1’s are your most important management tool Blackmill 5
  4. Understand engagement 5 brain cravings 1. Certainty 2. Autonomy 3.

    Meaning 4. Progress 5. Social Inclusion Blackmill 6
  5. Certainty • Consistent 1:1’s • Take notes and follow up

    • Set clear expectations Blackmill 7
  6. Autonomy • Give more choice or more direction • Each

    person can/should have some domains of ownership Blackmill 8
  7. Meaning • Use impact statements • “This matters because...” •

    “I’m bringing it up because...” • Use 1:1 time to connect day-to-day back to higher meaning Blackmill 9
  8. Progress • Start 1:1’s with small wins • Task-boxing •

    Regular specific feedback • Individual development plan Blackmill 10
  9. Social inclusion • Small talk matters • Be vulnerable •

    Build networks. Who do they go to for support? Who would they like more contact with? • Team dynamics: Who stays quiet? Who doesn’t get responses? • Be sure to ask about their lives outside of work • COVID-19 – check in on extroverts on how isolation is impacting them Blackmill 11
  10. Starting a new reporting relationship • Focus on trust and

    rapport • Create 30/60/90-day plan • Encourage participation by updating the new hire documentation • Communicate expectations • Get feedback from a new hire, with a grain of salt • Have 1:1s Blackmill 12
  11. Key points 1. It's their meeting 2. Use different styles

    3. Be vulnerable 4. Be consistent Blackmill 13