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Asynchronous Work and Remote Teams

Asynchronous Work and Remote Teams

This desk is part of the attendee preparation for our workshop Leading Engineering Teams For New Managers.

It's the context for Day 2: Asynchronous Work and Remote Teams. For the video and transcript to go with these slides, check out the resources page on our site.


June 14, 2021

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  1. How

  2. Policy by Pull Request • Discussions are public • Decisions

    are transparent • Everyone is encouraged to contribute
  3. Regular retrospectives • Concentrate on problems and solutions rather than

    people • Address issues early • Keep conversations transparent
  4. I write down all the things I did wrong so

    someone else doesn't have to
  5. Documentation • One central source of truth • Everybody writes

    their own documentation • Leave every project better than you found it
  6. Internal blogging • Today I Learned • Case studies •

    Weekly project reports • One weird trick...
  7. Keep track of your people • Are they okay? •

    Are they productive? • Are they communicative?
  8. Key points • You're already a distributed team, make sure

    you act like one • Asynchronous work is about communication • Rituals help