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Speed vs Quality

Speed vs Quality

This desk is part of the attendee preparation for our workshop Leading Engineering Teams For New Managers.

It's the context for Day 4: Speed vs Quality. For the video and transcript to go with these slides, check out its resources page on our site.


June 14, 2021

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  1. If you develop a program for a long period of

    time by only adding features but never reorganizing it to reflect your understanding of those features, then eventually that program simply does not contain any understanding and all efforts to work on it take longer and longer.” — Ward Cunningham
  2. Small steps Don’t say “you’re fixing technical debt” (this work

    is never done), instead budget time and slack for “sustaining engineering work”.
  3. Momentum > urgency What I’ve learned is that if we

    want things to go fast, a sense of momentum is much more effective than a sense of urgency. — Elizabeth Hendrickson
  4. Some suggestions • Shared understanding of the big picture and

    what “good” looks like • Break work into small pieces • Embrace technical practices necessary to ensure quality code • Engaged and responsive product manager • The work, and the status of the work, is visible • A strong sense of partnership and trust