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How I became ScrumMaster Lord of the Universe

2d84f9cec8c91449388bfb2b8078ef28?s=47 Diana
February 19, 2012

How I became ScrumMaster Lord of the Universe

My Ignite talk is a humorous yet honest reflection on how I learnt some hard life lessons after doing the ScrumMaster certification.



February 19, 2012

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  1. A friend told me about being at the top of

    his game...
  2. but learnt that it’s better to be part of a

  3. How I became ScrumMaster Lord of the Universe Scrum is

    a framework for improving the way people do their work.
  4. It all started...

  5. Don’t call me boss.

  6. Scrum?

  7. I am ScrumMaster!

  8. ❖ d Feeling of Awesome just after training:

  9. It grew a bit too much ❖ acrobatic

  10. It grew a bit too much

  11. It filtered into my personal life (actual post-it)

  12. Everybody! Let’s do Scrum!

  13. How many projects?

  14. Show not tell.

  15. Shut the f@#! up and listen to people (they know

    shit too)
  16. Can I ask you a question?

  17. Feeling of Awesome over time: ❖ d

  18. Real superheroes don’t show off their super powers

  19. People over process

  20. Everyone can feel a little bit Awesome.