Surviving Design Projects - The Session

D02a7702bda65d95179b8b3d65d7309e?s=47 Dan Brown
March 31, 2012

Surviving Design Projects - The Session

Every design project faces some tough situations. Design teams may not agree on a direction, making it difficult to execute on an aggressive plan. Clients may provide conflicting feedback, forcing designers spend as much time managing politics as doing design. Design decisions made in one meeting may be reversed in the next, delaying progress and depressing morale. These are but a few of the challenges that arise.

Designers are sometimes ill-equipped to deal with complex situations. We focus on quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our accomplishments are measured by the content of our portfolio, not the stories it took to get there.

Even the best planned projects hit a bump in the road, and designers on the path to leadership need to build a repertoire for anticipating, managing, and recovering from them. In this presentation, Dan Brown will offer a glimpse into the techniques he uses to deal with difficult situations.


Dan Brown

March 31, 2012