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How Platforms Work

How Platforms Work

Platforms: either you have one or you’re building one. Over the years I’ve observed six high-level characteristics common to production environments which are operationally mature. This talk will explain in detail the six capabilities in an operationally mature production environment. (Note: After these slides I demo these capabilities live using Cloud Foundry.)


Casey West

April 20, 2016

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  3. Minimum Viable Platform • Dynamic DNS, routing and load balancing

    • Backing services broker • Infrastructure orchestration • Health management, monitoring, and recovery • Immutable artifact repository • Log aggregation
  4. ! What's a car? Credit: Simon Wardley

  5. ! What's a platform? Credit: Simon Wardley

  6. BOSH http:/ /bosh.io

  7. Cloud Foundry http:/ /cloudfoundry.org

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