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JavaOne 2012: Java EE and Spring Panel Discusson

JavaOne 2012: Java EE and Spring Panel Discusson

Slides accompanying my opening remarks at this panel discussion moderated by Rick Hightower with myself and Gordon Dickens speaking on behalf of Spring, and Arun Gupta and Bert Ertman on behalf of Java EE.

- Session listing (archive.org)
- Audio recording (incl. video of slides)


Chris Beams

October 02, 2012


  1. None
  2. Use Cases

  3. NoSQL

  4. NoSQL

  5. NoSQL Spring Data MongoDB

  6. Big Data

  7. Big Data

  8. Big Data Spring for Apache Hadoop

  9. Social Media

  10. Social Media

  11. Social Media Spring Social Twitter

  12. Security

  13. Security

  14. Security Spring Security Spring Security OAuth

  15. Enterprise Integration

  16. Enterprise Integration

  17. Enterprise Integration Spring Integration

  18. Deployment Options

  19. None
  20. DI AOP TX JMS JDBC MVC Caching ORM OXM Scheduling

    Testing REST Profiles Expression ... Spring Framework JMX JPA 2.0 JSF 2.0 JSR-250 JSR-330 JSR-303 JTA JDBC 4.1 Java EE 1.4+/SE5+ JMX 1.0+ WebSphere 6.1+ WebLogic 9+ GlassFish 2.1+ Tomcat 5+ OpenShift Google App Eng. Heroku AWS Beanstalk Cloud Foundry Spring Web Flow Spring Security Spring Batch Spring Integration Spring Security OAuth Spring Social Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Spring Web Services Spring AMQP Spring Data Redis HBase MongoDB JDBC JPA QueryDSL Neo4j GemFire Solr Splunk HDFS MapReduc Hive Pig Cascading Spring for Apache Hadoop SI/Batch Spring Roo