Hackathons: Best Practices From experience

Hackathons: Best Practices From experience

My talk from API Days Berlin


Cristiano Betta

October 01, 2014


  1. From experience Cristiano Betta, @cbetta

  2. More than 50 hack days

  3. None
  4. Organised more than 15 hack days

  5. PayPal ran 11 hack days last year

  6. I’ve had enough of pizza

  7. And (non german) beer

  8. A manifesto to stop the mediocracy hackdaymanifesto.com

  9. Communication is king

  10. Your API is your business card

  11. Your demo is your foot in the door

  12. A hacker is not a recruit

  13. A hack is not an app

  14. Your office is the best sponsorship

  15. Celebrate the effort

  16. Communication is king

  17. Add some class

  18. Why at PayPal?

  19. BattleHack.org , #geeksoflondon, cbetta@paypal.com Cristiano Betta, @paypaldev