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Inneract Project: YDA | www.inneractproject.org

Inneract Project: YDA | www.inneractproject.org

As an Inneract Project volunteer, education enthusiast, I have been teaching Design related classes to youth who are unexposed to design as a career. As part of the class on 'Space & Form' I played this interactive logo quiz with the class which got much excitement and attention!


Chetana Deorah

April 13, 2013

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  1. LOGOs   SHAPE  ‘em  LOGOS   Space  and  Form  in

     Graphic  Design   QUIZ  TIME!  INNERACT  PROJECT  SUMMER  2013  

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  29. 1948  –  1971    Raymond  Loewy     A  certain

     Mr  Graham  (of  apparent  ScoRsh  origins)  imported  Samuel’s  kerosene  into  India  and  sold  it  as   ‘Graham’s  Oil’.  He  became  a  director  of  The  “Shell”  Transport  and  Trading  Company,  and  there  is  some  evidence   that  the  Shell  emblem  was  taken  from  his  family  coat  of  arms.       McDonalds  -­‐  Jim  Schindler  in  1962  and  the  idea  was  first  introduced  by  Dick  and  Mac  McDonald  as  arch  shaped   signs  on  the  sides  of  their  then  ‘walk-­‐up  hamburger  stand’     Rob  Janoff,  1977  Apple  logo     Olympic  symbol  -­‐  The  symbol  was  originally  designed  in  1912  by  Baron  Pierre  de  Couberdn,       Carolyn  Davidson  is  a  graphic  designer  best  known  as  the  creator  of  the  Nike  "swoosh".  Was  paid  $35  for  the   design.   Davidson  designed  the  swoosh  in  1971  while  a  graphic  design  student  at  Portland  State  University.     1968,  Daytons  Dry  Goods  Company  launched  as  Target     1986,  the  six-­‐feathered  peacock  (represendng  NBC’s  six  divisions)  has  become  one  of  the  world’s  best-­‐known   birds.  Ivan  Chermayeff  and  Tom  Geismar     Chase  Bank  Designed  in  1961,  when  few  American  corporadons  were  idendfied  by  abstract  symbols,  the  Chase   octagon  has  survived  a  series  of  mergers     WWF  –  1961  –  1986  Bridsh  environmentalist  and  ardst  Gerald  Wajerson  played  a  key  role  in  the  original  panda   logo  by  producing  the  inidal  sketches.       Bob  Kane,  Batman  1940  -­‐2012     Starbucks:  An  evolved  look  for  the  40th  anniversary  of  the  coffee  shop  giant,  created  by  the  Starbucks  in-­‐house  design  team  and   Lippincoj.     Irina  Blok  –  the  Android  designer  who  thought  up  the  logo  
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  31. Focus  is  on  three-­‐dimensional  design.  We  omen  think  of  art

     and  design  in   terms  of  two-­‐dimensional  skills  —  drawing  and  picture-­‐making.  But  the   “real”  world  is  three-­‐dimensional  —  nature,  buildings,  our  bodies,  even   space  itself.  Knowing  how  the  complex  3-­‐D  visual  experience  works  is   vital  in  all  aspects  of  visual  art  and/or  design.  Focusing  on  the  unique   problem  of  invendon  in  form,  the  Form  &  Space  curriculum  teaches  the   process  of  imagining,  planning,  construcdng,  and  visually  resolving   students’  three-­‐dimensional  invendons.