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Intro to Flash Professional CS6

Intro to Flash Professional CS6

An introduction to the new features in Flash Professional CS6. Presented at the San Diego CS6 Camp

Chris Griffith

June 04, 2012

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  1. Intro to Flash Professional CS6 @ChrisGriffith

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  4. www.sdfug.org   groups.adobe.com   groups.google.com/group/sd_fug/   @sdfug   San  Diego

     Adobe  Developer   Users  Group  
  5. What’s New Sprite sheet generation Wide platform and device support

    Prepackaged Adobe AIR application creation Adobe AIR mobile simulation Stage 3D targeting
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  7. What is CreateJS? EaselJS TweenJS SoundJS PreloadJS A suite of

    libraries for creating rich interactive experiences & games in HTML5 Adobe to sponsor project Approachable – Modular – Extensible - Open
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  9. Sprite Sheet Generation

  10. AIR Publishing •  Support for AIR 3.2 and Flash Player

    11.2 •  Package AIR as a single application with Captive Runtime •  Access platform or device-speci c capabilities using pre-compiled Native Extensions •  AIR mobile simulation •  Enhanced remote debugging
  11. Let’s get started

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