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How Visualization Helps us Navigate - Bosnia Agile Day 2015

How Visualization Helps us Navigate - Bosnia Agile Day 2015

Note: Updated version of the talk for Bosnia Agile Day 2015

In knowledge work, many things are typically invisible or opaque, ranging from our process, the actual work items, to our models for making sense of these.
These are therefore open to assumption and misunderstanding, stemming partly from a variety of different perspectives.

At Spotify, we aim to build shared views and models to reduce unnecessary ambiguity and improve our understanding, allowing us to more effectively navigate in a Complex environment.

In this talk I share some examples of how Spotify is using Visual techniques to learn and respond faster, including stories of our learnings along the way.


Cliff Hazell

October 17, 2015

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  2. How Visualization helps us navigate our Complex Environment Cliff Hazell

    Agile Coach @ixhd
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  4. Mostly invisible and often changing Knowledge Work is Complex

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  6. An Opportunity Discover what others aren’t by learning to learn

  7. If no single person can see everything. How?

  8. Identify Combine Remind

  9. Identify Options and help us sense quicker

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  11. Ambiguous Value? A short story

  12. Combine Diverse perspectives and increase coherence

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  15. Remind and ease context switching

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  21. BIG Persistent Reusable Easily changed Evolve Some Tips

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  23. Thank you! Question? cliff@spotify.com @ixhd on twitter