Graph Theory 101 (WebEngDus17)

Graph Theory 101 (WebEngDus17)

Graph Theory 101 – putting theory into practice
Graphs are everywhere! Learn the core basics of graph theory and see how this can be applied in a number of practical, every-day use cases.

5min talk from ELI5 series (explain me like I'm five)
Presentation consists of slides and interactive flip-chart session (not uploaded here)


Christian Lück

July 20, 2017


  1. 4.

    G=(V,E) ordered set G = (V,E) V: set of vertices/nodes/points

    E: set of edges/connections/lines/arrows/arcs 4
  2. 14.
  3. 15.

    git V = objects (commits, tags etc.) E = object

    references v1.0.0 refs #abc 15