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My favorite (underused) git features

My favorite (underused) git features

The talk reminds the dear user that git-reflog is always there for you. It also shows that git-rebase is no black magic and a -i can help you clean up the mess you made.


Maximilian Haack

February 21, 2013


  1. My favorite (underused) features 21.02.2013, Leipzig on Rails

  2. Maximilian Haack


  4. git-reflog(1)

  5. git-reflog(1) “Reflog is a mechanism to record when the tip

    of branches are updated. This command is to manage the information recorded in it.” $ git help reflog
  6. git-reflog(1) git reflog expire [--dry-run] [--stale-fix] [--verbose] [--expire=<time>] [--expire-unreachable=<time>] [--all]

    <refs>... git reflog delete ref@{specifier}... git reflog [show] [log-options] [<ref>]
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  13. git-rebase(1)

  14. git-rebase(1) “git-rebase - Forward-port local commits to the updated upstream

    head” $ git help rebase
  15. git-rebase(1) git rebase [-i | --interactive] [options] [--exec <cmd>] [--onto

    <newbase>] [<upstream>] [<branch>] git rebase [-i | --interactive] [options] [--exec <cmd>] [--onto <newbase>] --root [<branch>] git rebase --continue | --skip | --abort | --edit-todo
  16. git-rebase(1) A---B---C topic / D---E---F---G master

  17. git-rebase(1) git rebase master or git rebase master topic

  18. git-rebase(1) A'--B'--C' topic / D---E---F---G master

  19. git-rebase(1) -i --interactive “Make a list of the commits which

    are about to be rebased. Let the user edit that list before rebasing. (…)”
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