The Value of Local Knowledge

The Value of Local Knowledge

Geography can help us to understand the context of events and occurrences large or small, especially from a local perspective. Projects such as OpenStreetMap and Ushahidi source valuable and credible information from locals about their own communities.

This was an Ignite talk from Ignite Tampa Bay 2011.


Coleman McCormick

December 29, 2011


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    founded in 2004... in 2011: 500,000 users millions of points

    added each day from gps, applications, data imports, digitizing oslo, norway.
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    history. "What fossils are to biology, and sediments to geology,

    toponyms are to cultural history of a country because they reflect the various ethnic, economic, political and other changes in the past ." - petar ilievski
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    so now we know... what are the challenges? inform communities

    simplify technologies make it fun to contribute