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OSM Tampa Bay

OSM Tampa Bay

A talk from Ignite Spatial at WhereCampTB (@wherecamptb) about the OSM Tampa Bay mapping group.


Coleman McCormick

February 11, 2012

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  1. OSM Tampa Bay Building a better map. WHERECAMPTB 27°53'50" N

    || 82°42'41" W
  2. That’s me. @colemanm Coleman McCormick geographer cartographer

  3. What do ya do here?

  4. Meetups Mapping parties Collecting data

  5. Many features to add and update... flic.kr/p/ahfZpq

  6. What if it looked like this? Our map looks like

  7. How do we get an awesome map? What are we

  8. TIGER data = messy. US streets from Census TIGER data.

  9. Points of interest. Businesses • Restaurants • Schools • Shopping

  10. Address data node id: 1334018841 addr:housenumber = 1450 addr:street =

    Larimer St addr:postcode = 80202 amenity = restaurant cuisine = steak_house name = The Capital Grille
  11. How do I jump in?

  12. osm.org/user/coleman

  13. This is PotLatch. A browser-based OSM editor.

  14. This is JOSM. The “Java OpenStreetMap Editor”.

  15. So what else is there to do?

  16. Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team @hotosm

  17. Haiti Indonesia Somalia Libya

  18. tasks.hotosm.org

  19. osmtampabay.org

  20. osmtampabay.org @osmtampabay meetup.com/osmtampabay