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High-noon Shootout

C9b18d9dff88a9dd2393364c2b3b21bd?s=47 Simon Collison
September 28, 2011

High-noon Shootout

My half of the @Media 2007 High-Noon Shootout, co-presented with Drew McLellen. There was no fold.


Simon Collison

September 28, 2011


  1. High-Noon Shoot-out Design Simon Collison erskinedesign.com / colly.com

  2. • Common sense approaches • Designing with fewer restrictions •

    Creating attractive user experiences • Taking risks • Trying to actually enjoy what we do A campaign for...
  3. None
  4. Limitations If it were 1976 there would be a punk

  5. • Time scale, budget & client vision • Platforms &

    agents • Research & resources • Accessibility & usability • Content management system
  6. None
  7. “Although using tables for layout will normally result in hair

    loss, after several hours pondering the semantics of the navigation information I decided that it was in fact tabular information.” - Andy Clarke www.stuffandnonsense.co.uk/malarkey/more/hello May 11th 2007
  8. Why does the internet have to be so bloody perfect

    when other more established media falls so short?
  9. None
  10. “Aaayyhh...”

  11. Hicks Design

  12. “I like to Use It, Use It...”

  13. None
  14. None
  15. Fight The Power! The hardware and software manufacturers should just

    learn to work together to deliver standard accessibility features throughout their products and save us from having to worry about every single move we make
  16. Preserving Visual Design Integrity

  17. Visual Design is not complex engineering 10

  18. Design interfaces visually - and don’t be afraid to take

    risks 09
  19. Reserve the right to veto the decisions of “technologists” 08

  20. Think, build and design organically 07

  21. Don’t pander to personal preferences 06

  22. Deliver a rich, considered visual experience for all 05

  23. Be expressive with web typography 04

  24. Layout decisions are the preserve of the designer 03

  25. Visual design makes the first impression - respect it! 02

  26. Build everything with Flash! 01

  27. None
  28. Your choice

  29. Thanks, Comrades! This manifesto will be online at www.colly.com/atmedia2007/