Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Tools

A quick overview of the main players with functionalities, clients and prices.


Cris Anthony Hödar

October 07, 2011


  1. Top 20 Social Media Monitoring tools Find out what they

    are saying about you Presentation created by Cris Anthony Hödar / Creative & Strategic Director at Lysholm
  2. Before embarking on any kind of Social Media Venture it

    might be a good idea to find out what already is being said about you, by whom and where.
  3. What is beeing said about your: Brand / Product /

    Service / Reputation / Competition
  4. Male or Female Old or Young Rural or Urban Is

    it being said by:
  5. Positive or And is it: Negative

  6. Social Media Monitoring is: Analizing, understanding and reacting to conversation(s)

    about brands, products and end-users opinion on the social web
  7. • Discover conversations and activities in “real time” • Analyze

    and measure trends • Determine main geo-locations of activities • Understand demographics (e.g. gender, age) • Evaluate positive/negative opinion (snetiment analysis) • Identify key influencers and opinion leaders Key Elements
  8. The Tools

  9. Radian6 A proven solution for big brands Canada-based Radian 6

    works with brands to help them listen more intelligently to your consumers, competitors and influencers with the goal of growing your business via detailed, real-time insights. Beyond their monitoring dashboard, which tracks mentions on more than 100 million social media sites, they offer an engagement console that allows you to coordinate your internal responses to external activity by immediately updating your blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts all in one spot. Fully automated. Source:
  10. Radian6 A proven solution for big brands Cost: The dashboard

    starts at $600/month, though registered nonprofits can apply for two free uses per year under the company's Giving Back program. They also offer free trials to students and educators for research and project purposes. Radian6 uses a monthly subscription based pricing model, with the monthly fee varying depending on the number of topics monitored each month. Clients: Red Cross, Adobe, AAA, Cirque du Soleil, H&R Block, March of Dimes, Microsoft, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines -- a wide range of clients. Owner: Independent. Source:
  11. Collective Intellect Social media intelligence gathering Boulder, Colo.-based Collective Intellect,

    which started out by providing monitoring to financial firms, has evolved into a top-tier player in the marketplace of social media intelligence gathering. Using a combination of self-serve client dashboards and human analysis, Collective Intellect offers a robust monitoring and measurement tool suited to mid-size to large companies with its Social CRM Insights platform. It applies spam management techniques and text analysis to clean data sets, delivering customers rich intelligence. Source:
  12. Collective Intellect Social media intelligence gathering Cost: Pricing starts at

    $300/month and scales based on specific client needs, according to published reports. Clients: General Mills, NBC Universal, Pepsi, Walmart, Unilever, Advertising Age, CBS, Dole, MTV Networks, MillerCoors, Paramount, Verizon Wireless, Viacom, Hasbro, Siemens. Owner: Independent. Source:
  13. Lithium Adjust your campaign on the fly Lithium monitors your

    search-specific mentions and sentiment in social media outlets and outputs them into easy-to-read graphs and numbers resembling the stock market. Lithium will aggregate information from a variety of platforms including blog posts and comments, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many others, and it'll assess emotions surrounding your brand pre-, mid- and post campaign so you can adjust your strategies accordingly. Source:
  14. Lithium Adjust your campaign on the fly Cost: Base plan

    of $249/month for five users and five searches. Free 14-day trial. Clients: Best Buy, BT, Barnes & Noble, FICO, Disney Online, Stubhub, Motorola, Coca Cola, Focus Features, Netflix. Owner: Independent. Source:
  15. Sysomos Manage conversations in real time Sysomos's Heartbeat is a

    real-time monitoring and measurement tool that provides constantly updated snapshots of social media conversations delivered using a variety of user-friendly graphics. Heartbeat organizes conversations, manages workflow, facilitates collaboration and provides ways to engage with key influencers. Sysomos also offers a Media Analysis Platform. Source:
  16. Sysomos Manage conversations in real time Cost: Entry-level price of

    $500/month. Clients: IBM, HSBC, Roche, Ketchum, Sony Ericsson, Philips, ConAgra, Edelman, Shell Oil, Nokia, Sapient, Citi, Interbrand. Owner: Marketwire. Source:
  17. Attensity Actionable insights Attensity360 operates on four key principles: listen,

    analyze, relate, act. Attensity360 will help monitor trending topics, influencers and the reach of your brand while recommending ways to join the conversation. Attensity Analyze applies text analytics to unstructured text to extract meaning and uncover trends. Attensity Respond helps automate the routing of incoming social media mentions into user-defined queues. Source:
  18. Attensity Actionable insights Cost: $399/month for one license. Discounts for

    longer subscriptions. Free 15-day trial. Clients: Whirlpool, Vodofone, Versatel, TMobile, Oracle, Wiley. Owner: Independent. Source:
  19. Alterian SM2 Providing daily brand sentiment Alterian SM2 tracks mentions

    on blogs, forums, social networks like Facebook, microblogs like Twitter, wikis, video and photo sharing sites, Craigslist and ePinions. SM2 monitors the daily volume, demographics, location, tone and emotion of conversations surrounding a brand and aggregates results into positive and negative categories for quick review by anyone on staff. Source:
  20. Alterian SM2 Providing daily brand sentiment Cost: Pricing is based

    on volume of results and ranges from $500/month to $15,000/month. "Freemium" trial plan allows for five keyword or phrase searches and a total of 1,000 results. Alterian also provides additional custom solutions. Clients: Rosetta, MDAnderson, Pursuit, YouCast. Owner: Independent. Source:
  21. Crimson Hexagon Actionable data for your business Cambridge, Mass.-based Crimson

    Hexagon taps into billions of conversations taking place in online media and turns them into actionable data for better brand understanding and improvement. Based on a technology licensed from Harvard, its VoxTrot Opinion is able to analyze vast amounts of qualitative information and determine quantitative proportion of opinion. Source:
  22. Crimson Hexagon Actionable data for your business Cost: Pricing based

    on number of seats or number of searches. Clients: CNN, Hanes, AT&T, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Mashable, Microsoft, Monster, AdWeek, Thomson Reuters, Rubbermaid, Sybase, the Huffington Post, A&E, the Wall Street Journal. Owner: Independent. Source:
  23. Spiral 16 Flexible pricing, competitive analysis Spiral16 takes an in-depth

    look at who is saying what about a brand and compares results with those of top competitors. The goal is to help you monitor the effectiveness of your social media strategy, understand the sentiment behind conversations online and mine large amounts of data. It uses impressive 3D displays and a standard dashboard. Source:
  24. Spiral 16 Flexible pricing, competitive analysis Cost: Pricing starts at

    $500 for five queries or Internet searches, though there is no solid pricing model and Spiral16 will work with companies to tailor plans that fit their budget. Online demo available. Clients: Toyota, Lee, Cadbury. Owner: Independent. Source:
  25. Webtrends Flexible pricing, competitive analysis Webtrends offers services geared toward

    monitoring, measuring, analyzing, profiling and targeting audiences for a brand. The partner-based platform allows for crowd-sourced improvements and problem solving, creating transparency of their products and services. Source:
  26. Webtrends Flexible pricing, competitive analysis Cost: Pricing varies depending on

    packages and services chosen, but Webtrends is geared to big players. Social Accelerator packages start at $15,000/year, app packages start at $1,500 to $12,000/year. Clients: CBS, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, AOL, Electronic Arts, Lifetime, AA, Glam, Nestle, the City of Calgary. Owner: Independent. Source:
  27. Spredfast Campaign & social media management We weren't sure whether

    to include Spredfast in this Top 20 roundup because of its versatility. it's not only a monitoring service but a social media management, measurement and campaign tool -- in other words, a full-on social media dashboard and integrated communications client (Threadsy is another). In the end, Spredfast made the cut because you can pull relevant conversations from multiple networks into your dashboard, track referrals and conversions, summon up analytics and jump straight to analysis and reports. Source:
  28. Spredfast Campaign & social media management Cost: Pricing begins at

    $250/month for businesses. Clients: AOL, Nokia, IBM, Sierra Club. Owner: Independent start-up. Source:
  29. NN Incite Going for depth Global brands look to NM

    Incite's expertise across marketing, sales, product development, customer service, business strategy development and in deep verticals for monitoring and social media intelligence. This is a service geared to multinationals rather than nonprofits or mid-size companies. Source:
  30. NN Incite Going for depth Cost: Five figures is typical.

    Clients: Toyota, ConAgra, Intel, Sony, Nokia, AOL, HBO, Barclays, Whirlpool, GE, Discovery, Coca-Cola. Owner: NM Incite is a joint venture of the Nielson Co. and McKinsey & Co. Source:
  31. Conversion Tech + human analysts New York-based social-media consulting firm

    Converseon, named a leader in the social media monitoring sector by Forrester Research, builds tailored dashboards for its enterprise installations and offers professional services around every step of the social business intelligence process. Converseon starts with the technology and adds human analysis, resulting in high-quality data and impressive functionality. Source:
  32. Conversion Tech + human analysts Cost: Pricey. Cost varies according

    to which suite is used. Clients: Dow, Amway, Graco, other major brands. Converseon has more than 200,000 customers and 10,000 channel partners in 100 countries. Owner: Independent. Source:
  33. Dna 13 An emphasis on simplicity Ottawa-based dna13's MediaVantage will

    monitor all of your media coverage and present it in an easy-to-read format allowing you to respond from one platform. dna13 provides on-demand software solutions for brand and reputation management, including a PR and corporate communications software suite and a monitoring service for real-time insight into brand, reputation, competitors and industry issues. Source:
  34. Dna 13 An emphasis on simplicity Cost: Packages start at

    $560/month. Initial $500 set-up fee. Clients: Wachovia, Scotiabank, Miami Heat. Owner: CNW Group Co. Source:
  35. Attentio What the world says 5-year-old Belgium-based Attentio tracks global

    conversations taking place across social media (blogs, forums, social networks, Twitter, YouTube) and online news sites. The multilingual service offers brand reputation management, campaign/product release impact, sales opportunity tracking and sentiment analysis along with a dashboard to track media in real time. Source:
  36. Attentio What the world says Cost: Pricing starts at £500

    ($775 US) per month for a one-year subscription; costs for tailored reports begin at £5,000 ($7,750) . Clients: Johnson & Johnson, Skype, Microsoft, Disney. Owner: Independent. Source:
  37. Visible High-end monitoring & analysis In the fall 2010 Visible

    Technologies replaced its truCAST technology with Visible Intelligence, its new enterprise social intelligence platform and services. The new platform helps clients monitor, analyze and participate in social media conversations as well as protect their executive and corporate brands online. Visible adds analyst support to their client servicing to help you understand the landscape and determine which intelligence to act on. Arrange a demo via @Visible_Tech on Twitter. Source:
  38. Visible High-end monitoring & analysis Cost: Typically $25,000 to $45,000,

    according to press reports. Clients: Microsoft, Vail Resorts, Xerox, Boost. Owner: Independent. Source:
  39. Cymfony Enterprise-class monitoring platform Cymfony provides market influence analytics by

    scanning and interpreting the millions of voices at the intersection of social and traditional media. It offers a listening and influence platform, Maestro, that integrates distinctive technology with input from expert analysts to identify the people, issues and trends impacting a business. All the standard metrics are included: posts/ conversations, tonality, influencers, share of voice and so on. Source:
  40. Cymfony Enterprise-class monitoring platform Cymfony provides market influence analytics by

    scanning and interpreting the millions of voices at the intersection of social and traditional media. It offers a listening and influence platform, Maestro, that integrates distinctive technology with input from expert analysts to identify the people, issues and trends impacting a business. All the standard metrics are included: posts/ conversations, tonality, influencers, share of voice and so on. Source:
  41. Buzzcapture Insights into market buzz Amsterdam-based Buzzcapture provides insight to

    organizations on the buzz in their market. Buzzcapture can track companies, products, product families, business lines, difficult or complex brands, topics, competitors, influencers, evangelists, critics and campaigns. All the information collected is analyzed and presented into understandable reports and entered into your dashboard. Source:
  42. Buzzcapture Insights into market buzz Cost: Typical price range is

    EU10,000 to EU70,000 ($13,000 to $91,000 US) for each research topic or group of products, with a standard license costing €30,000 ($39,000 US). Clients: TNT, Vodofone, ING, Nissan, BMW, Microsoft, AstraZeneca. Owner: Independent. Source:
  43. Buzzlogic Tied to ad buy BuzzLogic uses its technology platform

    to identify and organize the conversation universe, combining both conversation topic and audience to help brands reach audiences who are passionate on everything from the latest tech craze and cloud computing to parenthood and politics. However, the social media monitoring tool is no longer available as a standalone product. It now comes as part of BuzzLogic’s ad platform, requiring a media buy to connect to unique audiences through BuzzLogic. Source:
  44. Buzzlogic Tied to ad buy Cost: Unknown. Clients: Starbucks, American

    Express, HBO, HP, Microsoft. Focus on advertisers. Owner: Independent. Source:
  45. Meltwater Buzz European strength Released in April 2009, Meltwater Buzz

    monitors, tracks and analyzes user- generated content on more than 200 million social media sites to help a brand understand its user sentiment and gauge competition. All data is stored in one intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard and a customer support representative is provided for the duration of the subscription. Meltwater, founded in Norway in 2001, now has 50 offices around the globe. It's worth mentioning that they come from a traditional media tracking background, and with purchase of BuzzGain in February 2010, they added many more social media monitoring capabilities. BuzzGain is now baked into Meltwater Buzz. Source:
  46. Meltwater Buzz European strength Cost: Standard subscription of one year

    for $13,000 gets you access for three to five users. Clients: Porsche Automotive North America, Vita-Mix, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Bausch & Lomb, Pabst Blue Ribbon and other corporations, nonprofits, government agencies. Owner: Meltwater Group. Source:
  47. Brandwatch A focus on brand mentions UK-based Brandwatch trawls the

    Internet looking at news, blogs, forums, wikis and social networking sites and finding mentions of brands, companies, products and people. Clients define keywords (brands, topics, people names, products Cost: Pricing, based on a monthly subscription, starts at about $300/month. It operates on a per keyword pricing model. Clients: Aviva, Activision, CheapFlights, The Body Shop. Owner: Independent. Source:
  48. At Lysholm we are a team of communication specialists seeking

    to help and guide our clients through the fragmented communication and marketing landscape. We provide a variety of services including: online and offline advertising, integrated strategic marketing, graphic design, brand consultancy, market research and strategic planning. We are committed to always be close to our clients, as we believe that service is the most important part of the client/agency relationship.
  49. There are a number of very good free monitoring tools.

    See our presentation on this subject for more information or contact: Cris Anthony Hödar Creative & Strategic Director mail: tel. +45 28 26 29 51 Free Social Media Monitoring tools Thank you!