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Making Web Services Accessible With Universal Design

Making Web Services Accessible With Universal Design

Presented for the Education Institute. For full notes see http://wp.me/pHQ83-WR
Building and maintaining web services in an accessible way is not simply a way of serving those with disabilities and meeting policy, but to improve services for all users. Using universal design principles, we can make web services for diverse users, devices, and situations. Fulfilling this goal need not be onerous by starting small and moving forward iteratively. No prior knowledge or experience is even needed to begin stepping in the right direction to providing better services for everyone. The goal is to change our thinking from tacking on considerations for users with disabilities to building that into the process. We will cover background and concepts, as well as practical methods and tools to push towards greater accessibility.

Cynthia "Arty" Ng

January 22, 2015

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  16. WCAG UNIVERSAL DESIGN EXAMPLES each page should have a title

    have consistent navigation have a meaningful order to content provide multiple ways to discover content captions or transcript of audio/video
  17. UNIVERSAL WEB DESIGN SUMMARIZED solid clear helpful usable accessible easy

    to understand designed with people in mind first
  18. CHALLENGES technological variety user diversity bridging the knowledge gap Shneiderman,

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  24. GOOD PRACTICES well structured code style guides e.g. pattern libraries

    e.g. polyfills and other helper libraries e.g. APIs e.g. testing frameworks or set of evaluation tools e.g. good documentation e.g. Normalize CSS UI Pattern Library by GVSU picturefill SFU Library API QuailJS Phabricator
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    and concise 2. Use headers and tables properly 3. Use descriptive links 4. Describe images if needed 5. Make and choose videos with captions, and add a link if you embed them
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