Serverless AI

Serverless AI

A short presentation I used during an event in Istanbul where I talked about the use of Serverless in the AI space and what Azure services can be leveraged to implement Serverless AI solutions.


Daron Yondem

November 04, 2019


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    • Previously described as “(Mobile) Backend as a Service", BaaS

    • cloud-accessible databases (e.g., Parse, Firebase, CosmosDB), authentication services (e.g., Auth0, AWS Cognito) • Stateless compute containers that are event-triggered and fully managed by a third party; there comes “Functions as a Service” or "FaaS"
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    • Service Bus: Async Enterprise Messaging • Azure Event Hubs:

    Distributed Data Streaming • Relay: Secure two way communication without changes to your network • Event Grid: Cross cloud reactive eventing
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    • Azure Search : Cognitive Search, Built-in AI including OCR,

    key phrase extraction, and named entity recognition to unlock insights • Azure CosmosDB : NoSQL Document Type, Graph • Azure Tables : NoSQL key-value store • Azure Databricks: Apache SparkTM–based analytics service