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Automated UI Testing: Xamarin TestCloud & Calabash

Automated UI Testing: Xamarin TestCloud & Calabash

Xamarin's recently announced TestCloud provides amazing automation for UI testing in the cloud across the top mobile device hardware. Calabash is the core testing framework and you can use it locally today.

Presented at Interactive Developers of St. Louis. http://www.meetup.com/Interactive-Developers-of-St-Louis/

David Ortinau

May 30, 2013

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  1. Xamarin TestCloud Upload any IPA or APK Provide test scripts

    or use Xamarin Explorer Connect with continuous integration systems Results include screenshots of every test, step through events, stack trace output Reports performance, memory usage Slow is a bug Friday, May 31, 13
  2. Calabash C# Calabash Android Calabash iOS Your App Calabash Server

    Calabash Clients Device, Emulator or Simulator Host computer High-level Architecture JSON over HTTP ............ Friday, May 31, 13
  3. Calabash Init • Ruby 1.9.3 and bundler • Recommend rvm

    or rbenv / ruby-build to manage Ruby and Gems • $ gem install calabash-cucumber • $ calabash-ios setup • $ calabash-ios gen • Add calabash.framework to your project directory and link it • XCode: -force_load "$(SRCROOT)/calabash.framework/calabash" -lstdc++ • Xamarin: -force_load $(ProjectDir)/calabash.framework/calabash -lstdc++ • $ bundle exec cucumber -p ios features/login.feature Friday, May 31, 13
  4. Login Feature Feature: Login Scenario: Login with valid user Given

    I am on the Login screen When I login as "Nat" Then I should go to the Assignments screen Scenario: Login with invalid user Given I am on the Login screen When I login as "Invalid" Then I should not be logged in And I should see a login error message Friday, May 31, 13
  5. Login Step Definition Given /^I am on the Login screen$/

    do await(LoginScreen) screenshot_embed(:label => 'Login') end When /^I login as "([^"]*)"$/ do |user_str| user = USERS[user_str.downcase.to_sym] login(:as => user) end Then /^I should go to the Assignments screen$/ do assert_screen(AssignmentsScreen) screenshot_embed(:label => 'Assignments') end https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/blob/master/calabash-cucumber/features/step_definitions/calabash_steps.rb Friday, May 31, 13
  6. Login Page require 'calabash-cucumber/ibase' class LoginScreen < Calabash::IBase def trait

    "button marked:'Log In'" end def login(user) tap "Username" await_keyboard keyboard_enter_text user[:email] done keyboard_enter_text user[:password] tap('Log In') wait_for_elements_do_not_exist(['activityIndicatorView']) assignments = page(AssignmentsScreen) begin assignments.await rescue self end end Friday, May 31, 13
  7. Calabash Console $ calabash-ios console irb> query(“button”) irb> query(“button marked:‘Active’”)

    irb> query(“button marked:‘Accept’”) irb> query(“button marked:‘Accept’”)[0] irb> record_begin irb> record_end “feature_name” Friday, May 31, 13
  8. Resources • Xamarin Evolve Videos • Intro to Calabash: http://xamarin.com/evolve/2013#session-xcjpj20d6s

    • TestCloud: http://xamarin.com/evolve/2013#keynote-80:44 • Calabash • http://calaba.sh/ • iOS: https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios • Android: https://github.com/calabash/calabash-android • https://github.com/aduggin/calabash-ios-tutorial • Field Service Example with Calabash Tests • https://github.com/calabash/field-service-example • Cucumber • http://cukes.info/ • http://pragprog.com/book/hwcuc/the-cucumber-book • Frank • http://www.testingwithfrank.com/ Friday, May 31, 13