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Beer Bloggers Conference 2014: Supercharging your blogging with WordPress

Derek Springer

August 23, 2014

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    Diego, CA Slides at: https://speakerdeck.com/dbspringer/bbc14
  2. • “Get your hands dirty, and host your website yourself.”

    • On your own to find a host. • Maintain everything yourself. • Full control over customizations, no restrictions. • No registration is required. • Install custom themes. Build your own with PHP and CSS. • Install plugins to extend your site’s functionality. WordPress.com WordPress.org • “Focus on your content, we’ll handle the rest.” • Free + paid upgrades. • Top hosting/security/backups/ updates included. • Personal support. • Register on WordPress.com and agree to ToS. • Choose from hundreds of themes (but not your own). • No plugins (lots built in). WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN .COM & .ORG?
  3. ADDING MEDIA TO POSTS • Adding images, video, and audio

    stimulates your readers’ minds, giving them something more than text to dig through, and a reason to come back. • Media breaks up the text, improves the flow, and makes a long post seem much shorter and more enjoyable to read. • “Show don’t tell.”
 “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”
  4. MEDIA IN WORDPRESS • “An agency by which something is

    accomplished, conveyed, or transferred.” • In WordPress this includes any rich way of displaying information in your posts. • Text • Images • Audio • Video • Tweets • Calendars • Polls • Embeds Rich Media
  5. IMAGES • You’ve probably got lots of experience with this.

    But! Since WordPress 3.9: • Drop directly into the editor, no need to open media manager. • Resize the image in-editor. • See galleries live in-editor.
  6. AUDIO • Since WordPress 3.6 we’ve had built-in support for

    MediaElement.js audio and video. • Consistent HTML5 *and* Flash fallback player. • Backfills support for IE6-8 and adds extra media types for Firefox, Opera, & Safari. • Just pop in a link to your audio. • I recommend you embed!
  7. EMBEDS • Super-easy to embed videos, images, audio, and other

    content into your WordPress site. • Just paste a supported URL is on its own line. • For instance:

    Blip • CollegeHumor • DailyMotion • Flickr • FunnyOrDie.com • Hulu • Imgur • Instagram • Issuu • Meetup.com • Mixcloud • Photobucket • PollDaddy • Rdio • Revision3 • Scribd • SlideShare • SmugMug • SoundCloud • Spotify • TED • Twitter • Viddler • Vimeo • YouTube • WordPress.tv
  9. PUBLICIZE • Share your posts on several networks automatically. •

    Just Publish the post and it’ll show up in your enabled services. • You can opt-out for any specific post you’d like. • Multiple authors can configure their settings individually on your site.
  10. CONNECT YOUR GOOGLE+ PROFILE! You’ll get a richer author bio

    in your search results.
 But no picture any more :(
  11. SHARING • Give your readers the ability to easily share

    your content with Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other services. • Adding to your Sharing Enabled Services is as simple as dragging the button from the Available Services area.You can configure services to appear as icons, text, or both. • Some services have an additional option letting you display ‘Official’ buttons that show the number of times the post has been shared in real time.
  12. HERE ARE MY FAVORITES • Publicize • Tiled Galleries •

    Related Posts • Stats • Site Monitor • Photon • VaultPress
  13. RELATED POSTS • Keep your readers engaged by showing them

    more of *your* posts they will be interested in. • Related content is automatically generated based on the content of the post and any tags or categories if they exist.
 (Must have at least 10 published posts for related content to appear.) • A post’s featured image will appear as the thumbnail.
  14. STATS • Get valuable stats like page views, visitors, click

    details, and more! • Can be run side-by-side with Google Analytics. • Check your stats on your site, WordPress.com, or through the WordPress Mobile apps.
  15. SITE MONITOR • Receive notifications from Jetpack if your site

    goes offline — and when it returns. • WordPress.com servers will start checking your site every five minutes. If it looks like something’s gone awry, we’ll fire off an email notification. (This one has no image, so here’s a cool dog drinking a beer)
  16. PHOTON • Load your images from the WordPress.com CDN. •

    Acts on images in posts, pages, and featured images. • Your images will load fast wherever your readers are!
  17. VAULTPRESS • One of the few Jetpack features that requires

    a subscription. (Starts at $5/mo) • Automated backups with easy restores. • Daily security scans with one- click repairs. • Help from the WordPress experts. • You can actually use VaultPress to transfer your site to a new host!
  18. MORE QUESTIONS? All Knowledge: http://codex.wordpress.org/ ! Super-nice volunteers: http://wordpress.org/support/ !

    Third Party Companies ! http://www.wpbeginner.com/ http://www.wpuniversity.com/ http://www.lynda.com/ http://teamtreehouse.com/