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Smarter, Faster Functional Testing

Smarter, Faster Functional Testing

In order to keep your tests relevant and green, you need to run them often. But how can we do that when the size of the testsuite increases with every feature merged?

Dorian More

October 06, 2017

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  1. About me ✤ Tech lead at SportRadar ✤ Author of

    Chrome Mink Driver ✤ github.com/adorin ✤ gitlab.com/DMore ✤ @DorianCMore
  2. Runner4 Runner2 Runner3 Runner5 Runner6 Runner1 Concurrency Queue Feature1 c1

    Feature1 c2 Feature1 c3 Feature1 c4 Feature2 c1 Feature2 c2 Feature2 c3 Feature2 c4 Feature3 c1 Feature3 c2 Feature3 c3
  3. Runner1 Workflow install dependencies compile assets warm cache up Building

    stage (1 per branch) Testing stage (4 per branch) Upload artifact test chunk1 Runner2 test chunk2 Download artifact
  4. PHP ChromeDriver Chrome Webserver Database PHP Chrome headless Debug Default

    (and CI) PHP ChromeDriver Webserver Database PHP
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