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Product Management (ProMa) in the Context of Consulting

478bea921d8f8b62a711bd489eb0ff1c?s=47 Dinker Charak
September 14, 2016

Product Management (ProMa) in the Context of Consulting

My talk at ThoughtWorks Converge in Gurgaon talking about Product Management in the context of consulting / services org. I talked about thinking like a Product Sociologist & Product Psychologist and about 5 Buckets of ProMa and Product Management Canvas,


Dinker Charak

September 14, 2016


  1. ProMa in Context of Consulting Converge, Gurgaon Chaos, Panic &

    Disorder. Kidding.
  2. 2

  3. The 5 Buckets 3 An Approach to Capabilities and Competencies

  4. Jonny Schneider - https://thoughtworks.jiveon.com/message/195273#195273 FIVE BUCKETS of EXPERIENCE DESIGN

  5. Jiangmei Kang - https://thoughtworks.jiveon.com/docs/DOC-30196 FIVE BUCKETS of BUSINESS ANALYSIS


  7. Personas Product Managers come in variety of sizes, colors, configurations,

    attitude and style 7
  8. Articulation Business Acumen Prioritisation IDEATOR / DISRUPTOR / STARTUP PROMA

    Synthesis Domain Knowledge
  9. Synthesis Articulation Business Acumen INCREMENTAL INNOVATOR / ENTERPRISE PROMA Domain

    Knowledge Prioritisation
  10. Articulation Domain Knowledge Prioritisation SUSTENANCE PRODUCT MANAGER Synthesis Business Acumen

  11. Synthesis Articulation Domain Knowledge DOMAIN SPECIFIC PRODUCT MANAGER Business Acumen

  12. Product Thinking Think as a Box 1 2

  13. Product Sociologist

  14. Product Psychologist

  15. Product Entrepreneur

  16. 1 “It’s on the roadmap”

  17. Opportunity Strategy Discover Define Design Deliver Sustain Sunset OPPORTUNITY STRATEGY

    Business Ideation Product Strategy Road Mapping Product Ideation Product Articulation Backlog Grooming
  18. Off Shore ProMa Product Managers can excel from Communication but

    are expected to be equally excellent in one or more other area 1 8
  19. Being Off-Shore ProMa • Loved the travel • Hated the

    late night calls • Loved talking to businesses in other countries • Hated the GoToMeeting, Skype and such “wonderful” screensharing / conferencing tools • Loved knowing people as part of investigations • Hated reading up dense reports • Always a second fiddle to the Founder
  20. THANK YOU For questions or suggestions dinkerc@thoughtworks.com @ddiinnxx