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DevOpsPorto Meetup24: UXIDevOps: The Trojan Horse for Implementing a DevOps Culture by Domingos Da Silva

February 19, 2019

DevOpsPorto Meetup24: UXIDevOps: The Trojan Horse for Implementing a DevOps Culture by Domingos Da Silva

Talk delivered by Domingos Da Silva


February 19, 2019

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  1. UXIDevOps The Trojan Horse for Implementing a DevOps Culture

  2. Lead Infrastructure Engineer @ Farfetch Domingos Da Silva @domlinkgos domlinkgos@gmail.com

    Game Designer @ Sunken Ship
  3. WTF is UXIDevOps? (Because playing with the word “DevOps” is

  4. Going by the Wiki

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  6. UX for DevOps Or DevOps for UX?

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  9. Take-Away

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  12. The Jenkins Case

  13. The Jenkins Case

  14. DogFooding

  15. Do you Believe in Magic?

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  18. version: 1 platform: porto boundary: delivery name: portodevops description: service

    to manage the logistics entities like couriers services and accounts maintainers: - name.surname project_type: service tech_type: dotnet_core repository: https://repo.farfetch/porto/portodevops.git package: porto_portodevops dependencies: - platform: porto boundary: infra name: cassandra2 specs: keyspace: porto_portodevops ports: loadbalancer_ports: - 9250 service_ports: - 9250 The Blueprint Concept
  19. telemetry: active_healthcheck: /monitoring/ping deep_healthcheck: /monitoring/pong security: context: standard metadata: tier:

    0 business_unit: farfetch environment_specific: - environment: dev datacenter: we1 domain: porto.devops.com scale: min_instance_count: 1 max_instance_count: 1 min_cpu: 1 max_cpu: 2 min_memory: 1 max_memory: 2 credentials: porto_infra_cassandra2_username: ENC[GrF7DhxRqYTQo=] porto_infra_cassandra2_password: ENC[Ws2amfN9isW95=] - environment: prd datacenter: we1 domain: porto-delivery-portodevops.farfetch.net The Blueprint Concept
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  27. Visibility is Peace of Mind

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  31. Automagically

  32. UXing your DevOps “B-B-B”

  33. User Behaviors User Research Usability Iteration Iteration Iteration Iteration

  34. The Big Questions • Who are we building for? Who

    is the end user of our tool? • What are they trying to achieve? What goal does the user have? • What is the level of knowledge you are building for? What’s the overall knowledge of our user base? • How can we improve adoption rather than imposing a working tool? • Are we building with our users in mind or based on how we would like it to work for us?
  35. The Cultural Problem “Get Stuff Done”

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  38. Driving the Change Get Management Buy-In. Start UX planning early.

    It's all about collaboration. Drive smart prioritization. Designers need visibility into the product backlog. Make sure UX participates at every stage. Stick to basic UX design, but remain agile. Incorporate feedback quickly.
  39. Flash Round

  40. Visual Monitoring

  41. Visibility is Peace of Mind

  42. Gamification

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  44. ChatOps

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  46. If we are not building something that simplifies our users

    experience with our systems, no matter how beautiful it is, we are not building a good service.