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DevOpsPorto Meetup 34: Freelance and Remote - Is it possible in DevOps

December 10, 2019

DevOpsPorto Meetup 34: Freelance and Remote - Is it possible in DevOps


December 10, 2019

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  6. Freelance and Remote Is it possible in DevOps? December 2019

  7. Today’s chat Jochem Doolard Cláudio Freitas Miguel Coquet Miguel David

  8. None
  9. 91% of remote workers said working remotely makes them happier.

  10. None
  11. Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

  12. Where to work Bed Home Office Coworking Coffeeshops Commuting Water

    cooler Culture Loneliness Anxiety
  13. Distractions It’s sunny out House work Coffees Lunch time Kids

    noise and meetings Walking the dog Dog hair Feeding the kids
  14. Communication Sync vs Async Interrupting colleagues Video calls and Meetings

    Decision making Memes / emojis
  15. Time management Check email before bed How come it’s 10

    AM/PM already? Time zones Self motivation
  16. Time off Unlimited PTO Minimum days Coordination with others Personal

  17. Career Ladder Visibility Clients: One or Many? Full vs part

    time Evaluations and praise
  18. Road to full remote • Create a good CV LinkedIn

    • Work on your communication skills • Learn how to write well • Know how to sell your work by writing about your work • Don’t be afraid to fail • Get used to asynchronous tools • Know when to stop working
  19. Where can you find remote work We work remotely Remote.com

    Flexjobs Working Nomads Jobspresso Remote.co Remotive.io Remote OK Stack Overflow GitHub Jobs Upwork Freelancer.com Your former colleagues! Recommendations
  20. It’s the future! Is it the future?