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DevOpsPorto Meetup 38: Intro to FastAPI by Sebastián Ramírez

DevOpsPorto Meetup 38: Intro to FastAPI by Sebastián Ramírez


August 06, 2020

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  1. Who am I? Sebastián Ramírez github.com/tiangolo linkedin.com/in/tiangolo twitter.com/tiangolo Dev at

    Explosion Berlin, Germany Explosion created: I created: tiangolo.com
  2. About FastAPI • 19K GitHub stars (about 1K+ per month)

    • Used by Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, etc. • Performance in the top rank for Python @tiangolo
  3. Based on standards • OpenAPI • JSON Schema • OAuth2

    ✨ Automatic API docs ✨ @tiangolo
  4. Basic FastAPI app with body and query - docs @tiangolo

  5. FastAPI - Other features @tiangolo • Dependency Injection • Security

    - OAuth2 • WebSockets • Files • Background Tasks • Easy GraphQL integration • More...
  6. Other tools @tiangolo Build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based

    on Python type hints. Functional deep learning with types, compatible with your favorite libraries. typer.tiangolo.com thinc.ai