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Managing Resources at Scale with Apache Mesos

Managing Resources at Scale with Apache Mesos

Slide deck from my Large Scale Production Engineering (LSPE) Meetup

Other talks at http://dharmeshkakadia.github.io/talks


June 14, 2014

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  1. Managing Resources at Scale with Apache Mesos Dharmesh Kakadia @dharmeshkakadia

    Large Scale Production Engineering Meetup June, 2014
  2. whoami •  Research Assistant @ Microsoft Research India •  Have

    been stuck with schedulers •  Working on predicting resource requirements and execution time of distributed jobs/query, to improve resource management @ MSR •  Love large scale data/cloud/distributed-* •  Writing a book on Apache Mesos
  3. Why? •  Because distributed systems ◦  everything fails ◦  everything

    need to scale, linearly ◦  are hard to get right •  Because Murphy’s law •  Lamport got a Turing award for a reason
  4. Symptoms •  I have a lot of data or I

    have a lot of applications •  They are dynamic •  I have low resource utilization
  5. Why now? •  Single Machine VMs Containers •  More powerful

    machine but even more data •  One kind of analysis all kinds of analytics •  Static Dynamic •  Everything connected
  6. Why now? •  Can’t afford static partitioning anymore •  Can’t

    afford to be in-accessible •  Can’t afford to wait for releasing next feature
  7. What you care about? •  Scalable •  Fault tolerant • 

    High resource utilization •  Isolation
  8. Bonus •  Mesos-isphy anything. Extremely easy to port any. • 

    Battle tested in the field. •  Great community. •  Awesome UI.
  9. Give it a try •  Mesos has always been good

    in tooling. Its becoming even more easier. •  Run over AWS. Now also, Elastic Mesos() •  Vargant scripts •  Chef-cookbooks •  Binary packages, debs,..