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Big Data

Big Data

Bleu (Jia-Huei Ren)

November 15, 2015

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  1. BIG DATA Bleu Ren

  2. Let data “speak to you”

  3. Analyze vast amounts of data Forced to settle for smaller

  4. Embrace messiness Privilege exactitude

  5. Correlations Elusive causality

  6. Self-handicapping

  7. Statistics Infer, to estimate.

  8. Use all the data, or just a little? infer

  9. Randomness Increased sample size infer

  10. Reanalyzed?

  11. Ex: 23andMe & Steve Jobs

  12. N=some

  13. N=all

  14. EX: Google Flu Trends

  15. EX: Farecast

  16. EX: credit card fraud

  17. Full dataset : more freedom to explore

  18. https://illum.lytro.com/illum

  19. Social sciences

  20. What’s BIG DATA?

  21. A huge amount of data

  22. A huge amount of data

  23. Comprehensive set of data

  24. Thanks