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Expanding to the Server with Swift & Kitura

David Okun
January 25, 2017

Expanding to the Server with Swift & Kitura

The open-sourcing of Swift has given the mobile developer community the ability to take the language anywhere. Learning about the existence of Kitura had a profound effect on me, personally - it made me a full-stack developer by way of knowing the language I already know. In this talk, I'll show you how Kitura can empower you to take what you already know about Swift, and expand it to an entirely new domain.

David Okun

January 25, 2017

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  1. AboutMe.swift • Joined IBM November 2016 • Learned about Kitura

    February 2016 • Previously worked on Mobile Tech at IDscan Biometrics Ltd. (London, UK) • Introduced to server work by Parse of 17 3
  2. Why Kitura? • Written like Express.js • IBM & Apple

    collaborate on Swift • Foundation just works • Libdispatch just works of 17 11
  3. Before The Demo • What is an API contract? •

    What is a microservice? • What is even a Node.js? of 17 13
  4. Recap • Swift performance makes it a hot candidate •

    Long term support = use your existing knowledge • This Kitura Demo: https://github.com/dokun1/ KituraMicroservicesDemo • http://www.kitura.io • Follow me on Twitter: @dokun24 15