Making Work Visible

Making Work Visible

Does unplanned work compete with your planned work? Do conflicting priorities turn your day upside down? Invisible work blindsides people, leaving teams unaware of mutually critical information, until it's too late.
Intertwined with these problems, is the question, how does one plan for, or allocate capacity for the invisible? It's tough to analyze something you can't see. Incognito work doesn't show up in metrics. Hidden work stalls and blocks important priorities and masks dependencies. Risk accumulates from work started late and delivered late.
The solution is to make work visible in a compelling way that allows others to see problems. In this talk, Dominica provides countermeasures to expose time theft due to unplanned work, conflicting priorities, and dependencies, allowing them to be seen and measured. Discover how you can become the voice of reason in your organization by exposing time thieves.


Dominica DeGrandis

January 08, 2019