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Making animations make sense

Mariusz Cieśla
November 11, 2014

Making animations make sense

UI animation is the new black. How to make it actually add to user experience, rather than being just a fancy addition?

Talk given at up.front Berlin on 11. November 2014

Unfortunately the GIFs from the original presentation don't work, so here's the original Keynote file zipped up: https://db.tt/FXOaa0Xs

Mariusz Cieśla

November 11, 2014

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  1. Good animation. (12 principles of animation, from “The Old Men”

    at Disney) @dotmariusz — up.front UG, 11/11/2014
  2. “First company to come up with animation equivalent of Sketch

    will earn a lot of money.” @dotmariusz — up.front UG, 11/11/2014