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Lessons in Mentorship

Lessons in Mentorship

A presentation on technical mentoring skills given at Ruby on Ales 2015


Eric Hodel

March 06, 2015

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  1. Lessons in Mentorship Eric Hodel @drbrain

  2. None
  3. None
  4. Technical mentoring

  5. Career mentoring

  6. Help teach technical skills

  7. Programming

  8. Algorithm

  9. “Programs must be written for people to read, and only

    incidentally for machines to execute” —SICP
  10. Communication

  11. Touching

  12. Build muscle memory

  13. Show,
 don’t do

  14. Ask only when necessary

  15. Listen

  16. Build Understanding

  17. Recognize

  18. Ask Questions

  19. Leading questions

  20. Demonstrate debugging techniques

  21. Learning First

  22. Digressions second

  23. K.I.S.S.

  24. Avoid distraction

  25. “I don’t know”

  26. There are two kinds of knowledge: the kind that's “obvious”,

    and the kind we haven't acquired yet. https://twitter.com/ReinH/status/488225181723525120
  27. “This weekend I was reminded how complex
 (and in some

    cases, convoluted) typical test setup is for Rails applications.” Justin Searls http://blog.testdouble.com/posts/2015-02-16-arcane-knowledge.html
  28. “One engineering mindset that has gotten in my way is

    the thought that I will never
 ‘catch up on’
 what other people already know.” Emily Claire Reese http://blog.eclairereese.com/post/110897066911/playing-catch-up
  29. Understanding then Criticism

  30. Understand why

  31. Most important first

  32. Let it Slide

  33. Good > Perfect

  34. Build confidence

  35. Safe Spaces

  36. Remove traps

  37. Manage

  38. Pay attention to feelings

  39. Take breaks

  40. Leave them alone

  41. Thinking Tools

  42. Draw pictures

  43. Physical analogues

  44. Search skills

  45. Cultivate Good Behavior

  46. Testing

  47. Documentation

  48. Commit practices

  49. Code review

  50. Time Estimation

  51. Task scoping

  52. Newbs

  53. Equals collaborating

  54. Culture of Sharing

  55. Share credit

  56. Defer to experts

  57. Apologize

  58. Touching

  59. Talking over

  60. Misunderstand

  61. Acknowledge mistakes

  62. Use these skills

  63. Onboarding

  64. Learning a new system

  65. Working with juniors

  66. Code school

  67. Increase Happiness

  68. “Talking with [Eric] was like that car ride in The

  69. where they're telling you all this really cool stuff about

    the world
  70. and you wouldn't have got to know it by yourself.

  71. But then you get pushed
 out of the car

  72. and you're in some part of town you've never been

  73. and you have
 no idea
 how to walk home.

  74. I will say, since then Eric has taken a lot

    more care in packing a lunch for me, and pinning my mittens to my coat so I don't lose them.” Elizabeth Uselton
  75. Contributors •Liz Rush •Cat Useleton •Elizabeth Uselton •Hsing-Hui Hsu •Fastly

    •Ada Developers Academy Students
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