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DevOps@Runtime Talk I held at OOSE Training Center in Hamburg covers the runtime perspective of the DevOps Culture and how to get there

Leon Rosenberg

May 22, 2013

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  1. Who am I? • Leon Rosenberg - Architect, DevOps. •

    1997 - Started programming with Java. • 2000 - Started building Portals. • 2003 - Started anotheria.net. • 2007 - Started MoSKito.
  2. What is this about? • Classic DevOps - Bring it

    Live! • Runtime - Keep it Live! • Getting there...
  3. DevOps • “oh these developers don’t get it” • “oh

    these ops guys don’t get it” • devs inflict change, ops resist change additional slide
  4. Business Value • Development creates business value. • Business value

    is rolled out. • B(n) = B(n-1) + B(r). • B(n-1) > B(r).
  5. 19 Problem finding and fixing Availability Hosting needs Cost per

    user RAM/CPU Requirements Service Level BUGs new features architectural changes Seasonal traffic Disaster recovery Provider change product pivots new markets Marketing campaigns
  6. Trust The System? • To trust the system you have

    to understand the system. • System behaves live different. • Learn the system where it matters! additional slide
  7. ...

  8. Contra • Just another hype? • Costs money? • I

    need to learn puppet, chef, ...? • Developers are not able/not willing... ? • Sysadmin will manage it. Alone. Somehow.
  9. DevOps is not the end of road, it’s the road

    itself, and each step on this road makes your life easier.