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IBM Bluemix Platform Logging with the Elastic Stack

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March 08, 2017

IBM Bluemix Platform Logging with the Elastic Stack

IBM Bluemix platform logs to the Elastic stack. Learn about the flexibility of our logging solutions in microservice environments. See Docker and Cloud Foundry logging – no user configuration necessary. Runtime logs are easily added.

In this session, Charlie and Ray will show an example logging from a Watson service. They'll also share details on their capabilities as well as how they deliver cloud scale logging built on the Elastic Stack.

Charlie Comiskey l Product Manager, IBM Cloud l IBM
Ray Harris l Software Engineer l IBM


Elastic Co

March 08, 2017


  1. IBM March 8, 2017 IBM Bluemix platform logging with the

    Elastic stack Charlie Comiskey, Offering Manager Linkedin: charlie-c Ray Harris, Software Engineer Linkedin: rayharris1
  2. 2 3/20/17 We Enable Logging in Bluemix { } …and

    many more Automated log collection for your interconnected cloud-hosted microservices. Spend less time instrumenting your app More time enhancing your app value. Multi-tenant enabled to offer large scale personalized logging experience 10s of thousands
  3. 3 3/20/17 Built on the Elastic Stack Interact with your

    microservices in Kibana Heterogeneous workloads or hybrid, One log location Build applications based on VMs | Docker | Cloud Foundry Bluemix Public | Dedicated | Local configurations Send logs from application workloads outside the cloud Data & Workload co-location Little to zero configuration + =
  4. 4 Go Live in Seconds APIs and Services On-Prem Integration

    Analytics Compute Security Storage Watson Mobile DevOps Bluemix hosts a rich catalog of Applications and Services What is Bluemix Bluemix is an open-standard, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, and so on). | | | | | |
  5. Bluemix Public Services Compute Storage Networking Block Storage Object Storage

    Auto-scaling CDN Load Balancer for Containers, and Virtual Servers VPN Cloud Foundry Runtimes Docker Containers OpenStack Virtual Servers OpenWhisk Swift Runtime Mobile IBM Push Notifications Mobile Analytics Mobile App Content Manager Mobile Client Access Mobile Foundation Mobile Quality Assurance 5 Security Access Trail App Security on Cloud IBM Identity Mixer Key Protect Single Sign-On DevOps Active Deploy Auto-Scaling Availability Monitoring Automated Access.Tester Delivery Pipeline Delivery Pipeline Next Deployment Risk Analytics Digital Content Checker Globalization Pipeline IBM Alert Notification IBM Operations Analytics Advanced Insights IBM Runbook Automation Integration Tester Monitoring & Analytics Open Toolchain Fabric – DevOps Console Track & Plan Application Integrate Blockchain Business Rules Data Cache Document Generation Message Hub Message Hub Incubator Session Cache WebSphere App Server Workload Scheduler API Connect API Harmony Message Connect Secure Gateway Secure Broker Service Discovery Service Proxy Watson IoT Context Mapping Driver Behavior IoT Platform IoT for Automotive IoT for Electronics IoT for Insurance IoT Workbench Watson Cognitive AlchemyAPI Conversation Discovery Document Conversion Language Translation Language Translator Natural Language Classifier Personality Insights Retrieve and Rank Speech to Text Text to Speech Tone Analyzer Tradeoff Analytics Visual Recognition Data & Analytics Analytics Exchange – not a tile Apache Spark BigInsights for Apache Hadoop Cloudant NoSQL DB Compose for Elasticsearch Compose for etcd Compose for MongoDB Compose for PostgreSQL Compose for RabbitMQ Compose for Redis Compose for RethinkDB dashDB (D), dashDB Tx DataWorks Decision Optimization Geospatial Analytics IBM DataStage on Cloud IBM DB2 on Cloud IBM Graph IBM Information Server IBM Master Data Mgmt on Cloud Informix on Cloud Insights for Twitter Lift Predictive Analytics Streaming Analytics Weather Company Data Xpages NoSQL Database Logging is a Bluemix platform offering. Enabled by default.
  6. User Scenarios • Bluemix Public Cloud users • Large number

    of groups ( Bluemix spaces ) 10s of thousands per instance • Generating a variety of log data – platform, application, and external • Daily ingest volumes from kilobytes to gigabytes • Many users engage in microservices development projects and DevOps • Bluemix Local and Dedicated Cloud users • Dedicated private clouds hosted @IBM or @Client-premise • Bluemix local runs on VM. • Internal IBM Infrastructure • Small number of groups • Each with heavy log requirements (avg 3-5 TB/day ) • Data from all compute types
  7. Implementations Bluemix Public Cloud users • Multiple stacks deployed in

    3 WW datacenters • >3TB/day per Logging stack Bluemix Local and Dedicated Cloud users • Deployed in 3 hypervisors for HA • 2 logging instances for IBM/Client data isolation • Supporting a variety of daily log volumes Internal IBM Infrastructure • Node size depends on team • Customized retention and tenant ingestion policies • <3TB/day per Logging instance
  8. Demo of logging in Bluemix using the Elastic Stack Randy

    was tasked to build their banking app in the cloud, using microservices, then extend it with cognitive APIs. In this demo we will see • Application logging with different runtimes • Across different compute types • Extended to include a Watson API • Visualized with a consolidated Kibana dashboard • All with little to zero configuration
  9. Demo Summary • Node.js and Liberty runtime logging • Cloud

    Foundry and Docker Containers – into same space • Sentiment analysis with Watson Tone Analyzer • Log Analysis with Kibana - debugged to line of code • All with little to zero configuration
  10. How we use the Elastic stack Load Balancer MT Lumberjack

    Logstash cluster Kafka Cluster Logstash Indexer cluster Elasticsearch cluster MT API proxy ngnx crawlers Logstash Bluemix Microservices
  11. Thank you! Learn more about Logging in Bluemix Docs Charlie

    Comiskey Linkedin: charlie-c Ray Harris Linkedin: rayharris1
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