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Distribute Development Env by docker-compose

Distribute Development Env by docker-compose

Slide for Docker Shanghai meetup, about case study of docker-compose.

Kengo TODA

May 17, 2016

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  1. Distribute Development Env by docker-compose Kengo TODA

  2. whoami Java, JavaScript R&D Build tools, CI OSS web app

    with distributed dev environment
  3. Merit of Docker Small, Clean, Quick, Portable, Reproducible Good for

    delivery to cloud, data centre and developer’s machine new!
  4. Case: provide dev environment for your contributors Web Service needs:

    Middleware Initial data in datastore
  5. Legacy ways to provide dev environment README.txt Virtual box, VMware

    Vagrant (https://www.vagrantup.com/)
  6. Problems of legacy ways

  7. Human don’t read document

  8. VM is BIG & SLOW

  9. Middleware conflict

  10. Docker is Process to make VM is more clear and

    documented Quick bootstrap Layer is small enough to distribute Reproducible even on different OS
  11. But how to keep 'one service in each container’ policy?

  12. docker-compose Build, run and link containers by one command Treat

    set of containers like: Application server, Web server, Datastore server, Selenium client, build tools…
  13. docker-compose.yml

  14. docker-compose up $ docker-compose up Creating consul_1... Creating registrator... Creating

    storage_1... Creating front_1... Creating nginx_1... Attaching to consul_1, registrator, storage_1, front_1, nginx_1 consul_1 | ==> Starting raft data migration...
  15. Conclusion Docker is good for delivery, 
 even to developers!