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24/7/365: Using Chatbots to Meet Students Where They Are

Eric Stoller
November 04, 2019

24/7/365: Using Chatbots to Meet Students Where They Are

Chatbots are in use in practically every industry with front-facing customer service processes. For higher education, in a time when enrollments and institutional fit are everything, chatbots provide essential engagement functionality within admissions and recruitment. This session will feature a tactical roadmap for how you can bring a chatbot to your campus to maximize your enrollment growth to connect and engage with prospective students from a high tech, high touch perspective.

Presented at the 2019 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference.

More info at: https://geckoengage.com/chat/

Eric Stoller

November 04, 2019

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  1. @EricStoller #SEM19 Using Chatbots to Meet Students Where They Are

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  7. https://www.naceweb.org/career-development/trends-and-predictions/predicting-employment-through-machine-learning/ “A dashboard that uses machine learning to predict student

    career outcomes. Grace uses it to identify students likely to graduate without a job offer—enabling her to intervene early and often.” - @linseyhugo @EricStoller #SEM19
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  9. “Who is my academic advisor?” “When is my next class?”

    “What is the status of my financial aid?” @EricStoller #SEM19
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  20. Non-Complex, Repetitive Questions @EricStoller #SEM19

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  22. @EricStoller #SEM19 Monday -> Friday Chatbot in a week +

  23. @EricStoller #SEM19 At 3:38 PM (Central Daylight Time) on Thursday

    26th Sept, the WIT bot, Murray, went live across the entire witcc.edu website.
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